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Just not enough parking

Stadium View West Parking Lot (photo/Jennifer Evans)

Now one would think, upon first entering the Ohio Northern campus, that there is plenty of parking everywhere. Even if the parking lot is not right in front of the building your class is in, it is at least close by. Right?

Well, that is not the case. Most parking lots are not intended for students to park in, but rather for faculty and visitors. The only places students are allowed to park is near dorms where the parking lots designated for them. And even then students have to share those parking lots with other students from neighboring dorms. And that’s where problems begin to arise. Students practically have to battle each other for parking spots. And those students who are too late to retrieve a parking spot by their apartments or dorm building are forced to park elsewhere, and sometimes that is clear on the other side of the campus.

Simply put: There are not enough parking spots for all the students on campus. At one time, when the campus population was smaller, the amount of parking now was enough. But it is not anymore. ONU’s population has grown, and while the dorms are making allowances for that, the parking is not. And the school cannot realistically expect students to stop bringing their cars to campus. That is not likely to happen anytime soon. Especially for students who live in other states or even in other countries.

Even I, who only lives 45 minutes off campus, brings my car here. Why? Because I still have places I have to go, and things I have to do that requires me to have a car. And I am sure that I am not the only one. After all, one just has to look at a parking lot to see that. But there are multiple times where I cannot park in the parking lot that is supposed to match up with my apartment. The reason for this is because the apartment I live in holds more people than the parking lot can hold.

Students also feel that they should be allowed to park anywhere on campus, so long as there are parking spots available. Students in total have seven parking lots that they are allowed to park in at all times, without the fear of being penalized. Professors, on the other hand, most of whom do not actually live on campus, have 11. And there are four parking lots that professors, students, and visitors have to share. And one of these parking lots is for a student resident.

Now I understand, students cannot just park wherever they want because we do get visitors, and professors also need places to park when they drive to work. However, as shown above, students do not have enough places to park. And the student population has grown and will continue to do so. As such the school needs to be able to make more parking available for the students to use.

Personally, I just want more parking at the resident areas, and maybe near classes when it’s too cold to be out.

EDIT: Correction on grammar error.

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