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ONU Problem of the Week



Dee created all possible collections of coins for which the total monetary value of each collection is 25 cents – for example, one of the collections consisted of a single quarter, while another collection consisted of 25 pennies. Dee then put the coins from all the collections into a single pile.

  1. What was the total monetary value of the pile?
  2. How many coins were in the pile?
  3. How much did the pile weigh?


Congratulations to Alyssa McKenzie (Criminal Justice), Andrew Kurtz (Physics), Dylan Battison (Pharmacy), Kelsey Berning (Marketing), and Takumi Kijima (Statistics), each of whom obtained all five points for the previous ONU Problem of the Week. Kurtz won the random drawing to receive the $10 gift certificate. 

Solutions for this problem must be submitted to Dr. Robinson (or student Zack Goodchild) by Thursday, November 3. Solutions can be slipped under Dr. Robinson’s office door (Mathile 214), handed to the department (Math/Stat) Administrative Assistant, sent via email (, or sent by campus mail. Please include on all submissions your name, major, email address, campus address, and phone number. You must show your work.

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