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Are pets good for Ohio Northern's campus?

May 03, 2018 - Comments: 0
ONU student Alex Gesler with her emotional support dog, Bentley (Northern review photo/ Alex Gesler)

Discussions on whether or not pets on campus are positive has been continuing for years. It is hard for students on campus to from a distinct difference between service animals and pets on campus. The two have very different jobs when on college campuses, but it can be hard to decide if they are service animals or someone's pet.

Service animals are seen as tools to help support those who are disabled, and to the organizations working with these animals they are not seen as pets.

Faculty spotlight: Dylan Wood blends business with the arts

Feb 08, 2017 - Comments: 0
For nearly two years Dylan Wood has worked as the Operations Manager for the Freed Center (Photo/Trevor Jones)

After graduating and earning his master's degree in arts, Dylan Wood has remained a promising and passionate individual for Ohio Northern’s Freed Center for the Performing Arts.  Most impressively, Wood has aspired to continue the tradition of not only supporting students in the arts, but to provide them with educational values. 

What's in your backpack?: A day in the life of a mechanical engineering student

Jan 31, 2017 - Comments: 0
Mechanical engineer student Dan Jira shows what can be found in his backpack on a daily basis. (Northern Review photo/Dominic Turnea)

Freshman mechanical engineering student Dan Jira showcases his backpack for the Northern Review staff. 

Acting for the camera: Dr. Malcolm Raeburn Read teaches acting workshop

Mar 07, 2016 - Comments: 0
Dr. Malcolm Raeburn Read lectures students about the differences between stage and television acting.  (Northern Review photo/Dominic Turnea)

In February, visiting instructor, Malcolm Raeburn Read, taught a workshop to Ohio Northern University students focusing on acting and camera skills. The workshop was a success and will most likely be repeated in upcoming years. 


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