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Cultural conversation delves into thug label, Bieber, Richard Sherman

Feb 19, 2014

Thug life. We hear this phrase being thrown around in the media, movies and music, but what exactly does it represent? 

At February's cultural conversation hour, the topic of "thug life" was brought up, and a comparison was made between Justin Beiber and Richard Sherman- both young adults who had been receiving a great deal of attention in the media recently.

10 ways to make single a success on Valentine's Day

Feb 12, 2014

So you are dateless for Valentine's Day. Who cares? Valentine's Day is practically a Hallmark holiday, anyway. If you do find yourself without a date this Friday, let me offer up some suggestions for the single life:

1. Have a party on Valentine's Day where you invite all your other single friends over and spend the night playing Mario cart, eating pizza and watching subpar movies on Netflix

AASU celebration kicks off Year of the Horse

Feb 05, 2014 - Comments: 0
Photo courtesy of Khadijah Bagais

The New Year is here. Well, at least for Asian Lunar Calenderers it is– a time of food, friends and fireworks. And a new start. That’s why the Asian American Student Union (AASU) decided to host a celebration in honor of the holiday. 

The lunar New Year is a big event in many Asian countries, with festivities easily lasting up to 15 days. 

Families will clean out their houses in order to rid themselves of any ill fate and make way for good luck, said Chou Tran, an event attendee and P5.  People are given days off from work and school in order to fully participate. 

New chapel group "Emerges"

Feb 05, 2014 - Comments: 0

Emerge. Ever heard of it? 

Well, Emerge is a chapel group that Chaplain David MacDonald started last semester. It is intended to be a spiritual small group meeting that gets together once a week on Sunday evenings. 

With the Emerge program, MacDonald hopes to explore faith in an in-depth way with students and equip them to be able to do the same with others. 

The group is currently comprised of about seven freshman. MacDonald wanted to first invite freshman to be a part of the group to help them "merge" into campus life. 


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