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Megan Kraynok

Ohio Northern's sleep lab is helping students get sleep better and gain research experience.

Dec 11, 2017 - Comments: 0
Professor of Psychology, Dr. Megan Clegg-Kraynok, answering questions about the sleep lab she established (Northern Review photo/Sage Caughenbaugh).

Dr. Megan Clegg-Krayok, established the sleep lab when she began working at Ohio Northern. Since then, the lab has taken off, helping psychology students learn how to sleep better and helping them gain research experience.


'Making a Murderer' panelists discuss the issues surrounding the documentary

Feb 08, 2016
DeLuca, Kraynok, Kilgallon, Zoladz, & Hill discuss Making a Murderer to a packed room. (Northern Review photo/Shane Tilton)

Kevin Hill, professor of law at Ohio Northern University, hit on one of the key takeaways from Netflix’s hit series “Making a Murder.”

"We are all guilty of something. It's just we have not been convicted of it." 

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