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  • Comfort of a cornfield Ohio Northern University is like a second home for every student who attends the university. Ohio Northern is just that kind of place. The university makes its students feel as if they have the...
  • It's my duty to fight anti-Semitism Twenty-nine minutes away from the campus of Ohio Northern, tucked back in the corner of Lakewood and Glenwood Avenue in Lima, Ohio is a Temple—a place of worship for the area’s limited Jewish...
  • Defining the millennial Definitions of a millennial vary across the internet and fluctuate frequently. The Pew Research Center did not define a set of years until March of this year: 1981-1996. Forbes says 1981-1997.  The...
  • Dr Kevin Cordi is the assistant professor of ONU's education department as well as a professional storyteller. He advocates being a storyteller in his everyday life to help keep the art alive (photo/Barbara Allen) ONU education professor uses professional storytelling background to promote anti-bullying The popularization of technology, the internet, and social media has had a dramatic impact on the way that people share things with one another. We often resort to the digital world when we have...

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