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  • A dorm room before being packed up. (photo/file) Karlyn Kares #7 - Moving out of the dorms Finals week is already hectic enough without the impending doom of having to pack up your entire room and move out and every single year hustling through the week trying to pass classes and think of...
  • Why we won’t be buying houses anytime soon Millennials are moving back home and staying there longer. Relying on parents is more practical for today’s young adults because we stay in school longer and don’t have dependents of our own yet....
  • The invitation for the event that was sent out to the students and Greek community. (Graphic/Panhellenic Council) For the love of philanthropy Philanthropy events are abundant on college campuses. Every month is packed with money-raising events for any cause imaginable. Greek life on Ohio Northern’s campus heavily focuses on holding these...
  • Polar Bear Up The saying “Polar Bear Up” seems to resurface every winter as our campus debates just how cold is too cold for class.   The National Weather Service’s Special Weather Statement says, “An arctic blast...

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