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September 2013

Student launches startup company

Sep 25, 2013 - Comments: 0

No one can argue that college students aren’t busy. We balance classes and activities, all while trying to figure out what exactly we’ll be doing after graduation. Now, imagine how busy you would be if you started your own business. Senior Marketing and Business major Jeremiah Skow has done just that. Last week, he launched Vault Wallets, a company based on an idea he had last spring.

Ada's NFL connections, besides making the footballs

Sep 25, 2013 - Comments: 0

Everyone knows that every football used in an NFL game is produced here in Ada, but there are some other hot commodities around the NFL that have ties to the little village as well. I’m talking

The unbelievably bad Cleveland Browns

Sep 25, 2013 - Comments: 0

On Sept. 18th the Cleveland Browns once again made a move that caused fans to scratch their heads. Owner Jimmy Haslam approved a trade to send their 2012 third overall draft pick, running back Trent Richardson, to the Indianapolis Colts. In return the Browns received a first round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. This is just another head-scratcher in a long line of questionable moves made by the Cleveland Browns organization since their return to the NFL in 1999.

The WNBA Playoffs are finally upon us

Sep 25, 2013 - Comments: 0

You may be asking yourself why it has taken the Northern Review so long to publish a story about the WNBA, especially now that the playoffs are in full swing. Well folks, the wait is over because this is your official 2013 WNBA playoff preview and season recap.

'Unanimous' victory for Jones at UFC 165

Sep 25, 2013 - Comments: 0

On Saturday night, fight fans witnessed a fight for the ages with UFC 165 taking place in Las Vegas. Jon Jones was in the fight of his life against his opponent, Alexander Gustaffson. Jones fights at light heavyweight (205 lbs.) and he is usually a lot heavier than that on fight night. He is also 6-foot-4 and usually enjoys a dramatic reach advantage, along with his size advantage. That was not the case on Saturday night. Jones usually picks his opponents apart by staying on the outside and utilizing his edge in reach. On most nights his face is rarely touched.

Yeh reflects on living her dream

Sep 25, 2013 - Comments: 0

Three years ago I had never imagined that I would compete on the Miss America stage and leave as fourth runner up, a talent award recipient and a truly changed person from the experiences I would partake in as Miss Minnesota 2013.

Non-greek argues for Greek Life

Sep 25, 2013 - Comments: 0

I am in no way affiliated to any Greek organization on campus. However, I find myself every fall and spring encouraging friends of mine to get involved with a sorority, join a professional frat, or at least give rush events a chance. This surprises lots of my fellow non-Greek friends. Our campus has an interesting attitude on Greek life. I wouldn't say it is an overall negative view, but there is a clear divide between those who affiliate and those who do not – and you are eventually required to pick a side.

One viewpoint: The gift of life

Sep 25, 2013 - Comments: 0

It seems like a simple question when renewing your driver's license: "Would you like to be an organ donor?" However, the truth is, it is a thought provoking question about a complicated, often controversial, issue. I never gave the question much thought until a personal experience in which organ donation played a significant role forever changed my life. At that moment, I knew I would not only be an organ donor myself, but I would share my experience to help others see why they should support it as well.

Cultural conversation invites perspectives

Sep 25, 2013 - Comments: 0

Conversation- every group has their own style, their own way of conveying thoughts and ideas. There are different accents, different languages and even different gestures. People know this. And yet, there is another element of much greater benefit, which can be achieved through having a conversation, especially if it is with someone who is quite different from you. This is because those differences can come together to create something unique and beautiful.

Dicke welcomes new professor of management

Sep 25, 2013 - Comments: 0

Ohio Northern University accepts new professors every year, and this year is no different with the addition of Dr. Paul Hartman to the Business College. He received his degrees from Air Force Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Engineering and Management- Ph.D. University of Dayton- M.A., Air Force Institute of Technology- M.S., University of Maryland- B.S. He accepted a new position as Assistant Professor of Operations Research & Supply Chain Management.

"Brolar Bears" compete in Flugtag

Sep 25, 2013 - Comments: 0

Five ONU students competed in the annual Red Bull Flugtag on Saturday in Chicago. Alex Schroeder, Chad Meyers, Chris Leibly, Donnie Allison and Mitch Gibson, entered a design of a 10-foot-tall gliding polar bear to the company, which was accepted for competition. The five are all seniors and male cheerleaders at ONU and represented the school through their uniforms and use of our mascot.

Praxis replacement offered at ONU

Sep 25, 2013 - Comments: 0

On Sept. 1, 2013, Ohio Northern implemented the new Pearson testing for students in education majors. The Pearson tests are offered for different levels of the education track, just as the Praxis
tests once were. The first test is the acceptance to the Center for Teacher Education. This test allows students, if passed, to get into the program. What was once known as the Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test that Ohio Northern has required in the past is now the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core).


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