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April 2014

Northern Review says goodbye to O’Connell

Apr 30, 2014

As the year draws to a close, the Northern Review will be saying goodbye to a professor to whom we are particularly close: our advisor, Dr. William O’Connell. After sixteen years as a professor at ONU and thirteen years as an advisor for the Northern Review, O’Connell will be retiring.

Farewell letter from Editor-in-Chief

Apr 30, 2014

Dear Readers,

First, thank you so much for taking the time to pick up the Northern Review. A lot of hard work goes into the production of our campus paper and, if you’re reading, it’s paying off! 

When I was named Editor-in-Chief last year, I was extremely worried. How would I, an education major, be able to run a college newspaper? Luckily for me, a lot of people have continued to remind me of the faith they have in me.

Best NBA playoffs ever?

Apr 30, 2014

After last season's NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs, we would have been hard-pressed to find a bettter playoff series in the NBA. Until this season, that is. If you thought the NCAA Tournament was exciting earlier this month, then buckle your seatbelts for the duration of the professional version. 

Therapy dogs bring cuteness and comfort to campus

Apr 30, 2014

We’re all posting the obligatory Facebook statuses about finals-related stress, tweeting the typical “finals-are-coming-and-I-can’t-even” memes and calling home for the first time in weeks, scaring our parents senseless with our sobbing. But, my friends, there is hope. 

This coming Monday, from 7-9 p.m. in Heterick Memorial Library, SPC is doing something outrageously wonderful. If you show up at the library during these magical hours, there will be dogs for you to play with on the first floor. I’m not kidding. It’s a Facebook event, so it’s a real thing. 

Student protests fruit-strewn sidewalks

Apr 30, 2014

Behold ONU:  a small-town cornfield campus known for safety, Pharmacy, and all around good students and staff.  You may nod, reader, at the droll ordinariness of that statement.  But, assuming that you are either enrolled or employed at ONU, you probably feel some positive emotion toward our small, friendly campus.  I’ve come to inform you that that warm fuzzy feeling of security is under attack.  Also under attack is our supply of fruit.

2014-15 Performing Arts Series announced

Apr 30, 2014 - Comments: 0

Ohio Northern University’s Freed Center always offers exciting performances for the campus and Ada community through the Performing Arts Series, which exposes students to famous performers, delightful shows and fun-filled events. 

Theatre students prepare for 2014-15 season

Apr 30, 2014

Another season of singing, dancing, music and dramatic performances is being planned by Ohio Northern University’s Theatre Department for the Freed Center during the 2014-15 school year. In fact, students have already started auditioning for roles in the first two fall productions. 

Make most of break to beat summer blues

Apr 30, 2014

Grab yourself a job and get some experience:

Jobs are a great opportunity to pad your résumé and provide you with some valuable skills and experience, as well as a little extra dough. recommends a few options for the summer that will help you make the most of your time. 

Freelance writing:

Whether blogging or submitting articles to publications, practice will always help you improve. Since it is freelance, you don't have to worry about a set schedule, and can take on as much or as little as you would like. 

Pres. DiBiasio speaks on ONU budget shortfall

Apr 30, 2014

President Dan DiBiasio and Bill Ballard, ONU vice president of finance, hosted two forums a week ago Tuesday for faculty and staff to address a $2.9 million budget shortfall for the current fiscal year. In a morning and afternoon session the pair offered an explanation as to why the University is in debt, its causes and plans for solving the existing and future budget gaps.

NBA playoff preview

Apr 15, 2014

Another fine NBA season has come and gone, and with it the hopes and dream of 14 teams. While those 14 are preparing for the draft lottery, the other 16 will be dueling it out for the coveted Larry O'Brien Trophy, awarded to the winner of the NBA Finals.

Beginning on Saturday, the teams will square off in round one, a seven-game series, as they all are in the NBA playoffs. There are a few storylines to examine and matchups to look at as we go into the playoffs. Keep in mind that these standings and seeds are as of Tuesday at noon, so there could be movement before Saturday.

Peep Population Pulverized

Apr 15, 2014

Now, I am not a big fan of Peeps. I do not like how they taste. I do not like how their beady eyes follow me around a room. I do not like the weird color they stain your hands and mouth as the sugary sandpaper of a coating comes off. I do not like it when they are disguised by chocolate or playfully placed on easter cookie trays. 

All that being said, I cannot stand by and watch our school mutilate Peeps for the pure enjoyment of NOM milkshakes. Someone has to take a stand against these murders. 

Ferraro finds Baroness' album Yellow/Green impressive

Apr 15, 2014

We really don’t know what we mean when we discuss metal. We certainly understand what we’re talking about – it’s pretty impossible to hear the "Hit the Lights" intro and not make the devil horns – but the genre, as a sub-genre of rock and roll itself, is so fragmented and divided that it’s ludicrous to assume anyone really has a handle on the definite difference between speed and thrash metal.


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