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Student Senate Discusses Outside Feedback

Apr 15, 2014

Last Wednesday, a group called The Collaborative came to Student Senate to present their plans for Ohio Northern. The Collaborative is a private group that comes to college campuses, assesses their strengths and weaknesses and then improves the physical aspects of the campus. This includes athletic facilities, academic buildings, dorms, and even the landscaping.

Students offered early graduation walk

Apr 15, 2014

The Office of Academic Affairs has instituted a change in the graduation ceremony procedure.  Until now, the policy for students on walking at graduation was quite specific— the student must qualify for graduation by the end of that semester.  The new policy change allows for leniency, especially for students who will finish in the following summer or fall semester.  If a student is a semester behind schedule, he may still be allowed to participate in commencement ceremonies with his class, provided he meet one of the three qualifications cited.

Sprinkler lines burst in Stadium View and Dukes

Jan 22, 2014

During the last week of Christmas break, temperatures plummeted in Ada. Because of the far below-average temperatures, sprinkler lines to the fire suppression system in Stadium Views East and West and Dukes Memorial split and burst during the week. This caused flooding in both of the buildings. Marc Staley, Director of Facilities, explained that the vines in the sprinkler lines split in the apartment buildings because of a draft that went through a ventilated soffit. Unfortunately, this caused both lines to split in Stadium View West. The first alarm sounded around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan.


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