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Skeletons and vampires lurk inside Mac

ONU students form long lines to eat the special Halloween dinner at Mac. (Northern Review photo/Kasy Long)

Walking into Mac for Tuesday night’s dinner, I was shocked to find that the lights were darkened, several dining tables had been rearranged to form a buffet line, and a long student line was waiting for the meals. Staff members were dressed in a variety of costumes. Halloween decorations were scattered throughout the room. A skeleton was in control of playing scary music over the sound system.

This was no ordinary night in Mac!

The tricks and thrills continued at the buffet line. My friends and I were shocked at the labels on the food being served. Maggots? Fried skeleton legs? One of my friends remarked jokingly, “At least they’re properly labeling the food now.”

While the puns were funny and contributed to the dinner’s theme, I am glad that the staff wrote the proper food descriptions on the labels—I want to know what I’m eating before I take a bite.

Surprisingly, the dinner had several options for everyone’s liking. Onion rings were a favorite, along with cheese-stuffed shells and barbeque chicken wings. It was definitely a good meal, and after a stressful day of classes, it was nice to relax in Mac with my friends and have an enjoyable meal.

“I approve of the food. It’s really good and there’s more of a selection than what they normally serve,” says sophomore nursing student Sarah Defenderfer.

But that wasn’t all Mac had to offer last night. Bloody red raspberry punch was available for students. Chips and avocado dip were served. A table offering multiple dessert options was a popular attraction. With alien cupcakes, gummy worm pudding and skeleton hand-shaped cookies, Mac captured the Halloween theme perfectly with the dinner and dessert tables. However, I’m sorry Mac, I just don’t want to see eyes looking at me as I try to eat my dessert.  

One of the special games had students trying to throw candy corn into a thin glass flask from a distance. Surprisingly, several students managed to land their candy pieces into the container.

I approve of Mac having these special meals. The atmosphere is better, and the food is definitely more enjoyable. And, from the long lines, it is apparent that these events increase Mac’s attendance and popularity.

“I don’t remember Mac having a Halloween-themed dinner last year. It was a pleasant surprise. I hope they have more meals like this, because it makes for a more enjoyable atmosphere,” says Kyra Sheldon, a sophomore music education student.

Students pay good money to eat at Mac. Therefore, we should expect to have quality food choices in an enjoyable environment. Hopefully, this is the first step to improving Mac’s reputation with students.

Keep it up, Mac. This was one treat that I approve.

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