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Texting--the slaying of English as we know it

The confusion is real. (photo/

In this day and age of technology, it is not surprising to find that a majority of the population is in possession of some sort of mobile device. After all, they help make our lives easier, right?

Not necessarily. There seems to be a huge trade-off. Who would have thought that texting would contribute to the brutal slaying of proper grammar and English communication at such great levels? 

As a fellow human being and English speaker, I urge you to PLEASE STOP, FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE.

I understand that when chatting with friends, it’s a lot easier to use acronyms or short-spell words in order to communicate. But then again, does it really take so much more effort to spend a couple of extra milliseconds tacking on a few more letters?

IDK TBH SMH LOL. What? I don’t know about you, but I’d like to feel that I’m communicating with an actual person and not some uneducated robot. It has even gotten to the point now where it’s like an entirely alien language.

In my opinion, this “texting lingo” is contributing to the downfall of the English language as we know it. We currently find people not even knowing how to type up school papers or how to spell words. We’ve all seen those Buzzfeed lists of Internet mess-ups, like “synonym rolls” instead of “cinnamon rolls,” or all those times peoples’ bodies have been forever marred by incorrect spelling or grammar. Apparently “no ragrets” only gets you so far.

And do you know what’s even worse than that? When people actually use this lingo IN REAL LIFE CONVERSATION. I’ve actually had someone say “BRB” to my face instead of “be right back.” I was in complete shock. Either way, it’s still three syllables!  

In addition, it could be argued that this lingo actually encourages people to lie. LOL. Laugh Out Loud. Do you really laugh out loud every time you type that? Do you actually shake your head with every SMH? I didn’t think so.

Now, some may say “U R A H8R,” and to those people, I would say: get a dictionary. Seriously. Writing like that just makes you sound so uneducated. Employers are looking for people who can represent their organizations well, and most sane people are looking for literate partners that won’t leave them questioning their existence over every text message they receive.

Now, I do admit that I will sometimes use incorrect English for comedic purposes. But may I remind you that this is only an occasional thing, and the friends I communicate with know that I definitely do not talk like that on a normal basis.

For those of you who understand and feel some sense of shame, I have some possible solutions to help you mend your texting ways. With the vast abilities of smartphones nowadays, you can “cheat” a little. Put shortcuts in your phone to automatically turn your texting lingo into the real deal. You’ll be saving the time and sounding much more competent as a human being.

For those of you with no shame, I suggest reading up on some work written prior to your birth date. Or perhaps a dictionary that is not urban.

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