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Red Card Cancer game hosted by ONU women's soccer

Baldwin Wallace head coach Reid Ayers and ONU head coach Mark Batman holding the Red Card trophy (ONU sports photo/ Tim Glon).

Baldwin Wallace head coach Reid Ayers and ONU head coach Mark Batman holding the Red Card trophy (ONU sports photo/ Tim Glon).

Many organizations use various ways to raise awareness for various diseases. One of the most famous being the Susan G. Komen Marathon for the Cure. One organization that is rising awareness is Red Card Cancer, who raise awareness for cancer through soccer, one of the most popular sports in the world. By working with many levels of soccer, they are able to raise as much money as possible towards cancer research.

The charity was created by Paul Payne in 2009, then the head coach of the Men’s Soccer team at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. It was started to honor Joe Bochicchio, the head coach of the Women’s Soccer team at Scranton University, who passed away from melanoma. Red Card Cancer joined with the ONU women’s soccer team to help raise cancer awareness, and raise money for the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Research Center. The charity donates the money to the hospital because they are one of the most progressive cancer research centers in the country. Red Card supports the hospital in its research into how existing medicines could help with treating cancer.

The ONU women’s soccer team decided to host the charity during its game with Baldwin Wallace to spread awareness to the spectators of both teams, as well as take donations for the hospital. As part of the campaign, Red Card would give the winning team of the game, or the team that raised the most money, a trophy specially made for the event.

The game itself started out very heated, with both teams sprinting across the field in order to gain control of the ball. For the first half, both teams fought to bring the ball to the opposing net, where both team’s goalies defended their goals with a fierce determination, catching the ball with lightning fast reflexes and returning it to the field. This back and forth action led to the first half passing without a score by either side. In the second half, however, the Polar Bears scored a goal against BW within three minutes of the half. ONU continued to hold a 1-0 lead in the game until B-W snuck in a goal with nineteen minutes left on the clock, evening out the board.

The action continued into overtime where both teams tried to out-maneuver each other in order to get the elusive goal and bring home a victory, but not being able to score in time. The same happened when the game went into double overtime, where the game ended in a tie. At the end of the night, over $600 was raised for the Red Card organization. The trophy was given to Baldwin Wallace for raising the most money from the night, which was presented to Reid Ayers, the B-W women’s soccer head coach by a representative from Red Card Cancer and ONU women’s soccer head coach Mark Batman.

Soccer is seen to many as a sport that can get anyone enthralled, using it to raise awareness towards cancer research could help treatments become more effective for the future. Red Card Cancer has taken a great step towards that goal with a simple idea that is very effective, ensuring that that goal be more obtainable.



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