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Reflections on the Northern Review digital conversion

Digital media is being used more frequently. (Photo/

I’ve been working with the Northern Review since my sophomore year, occasionally writing pieces for the paper. Even then, my favorite section to write for was the News section. My junior year I was hired as copy editor for the print editions, and at the end of my junior year, I was named co-editor-in-chief.

To say the change between print to digital was easy is a misconception. I was just learning how to format the newspaper, and the next thing I know I was learning how to manage a website. I know a few of the older staff members had some issues, too, but nothing that wasn’t able to be solved with practice.

And if I’m being perfectly honest here, I’m glad we moved to an online edition of the newspaper. Sure, it’s great to see your name under the headline, letting the world know that you are a published author. But at the same time, the articles cannot be shared as easily.

When working with digital nowadays, all one has to do is click a share button in order to present it to an entire audience. It’s a different way to present news, a more effective way.

I know a lot of writers feel the same way I do, that they want their voices to be heard and their stories to be told in their own way. I’m not very outgoing. I feel that writing is one way I can communicate with people. I’m able to get my point across without ever actually having to interact.

The conversion to digital made my conversation with my audiences even easier. Now instead of being published once a week about things that are irrelevant by the time it is actually published, I can update audiences on things that are happening now, important events that need to be written about now. It’s an easier way to get the news out into the public.

And, not to mention, we no longer have to throw away 100 copies of perfectly good paper.

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