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10 ways to make single a success on Valentine's Day

So you are dateless for Valentine's Day. Who cares? Valentine's Day is practically a Hallmark holiday, anyway. If you do find yourself without a date this Friday, let me offer up some suggestions for the single life:

1. Have a party on Valentine's Day where you invite all your other single friends over and spend the night playing Mario cart, eating pizza and watching subpar movies on Netflix

2. Purposely make reservations for you and your other single friends at a fancy restaurant where you know all the Valentine's Day couples will be going. Sit there and make fun of them and rate how you think their dates are going

3. Completely ignoring that Valentine's Day even exists is always an option. Don't change anything about your Friday night, and don't acknowledge all those snappy couples

4. Take yourself out on a date. Doing things by yourself is healthy. Go see that movie that you have been dying to watch and treat yourself to a jumbo sized popcorn. Show the world that you aren't lonely; you're independent

5. Write personal Valentine's Day cards to your friends and family. The holiday isn't just for couples. Use it as an opportunity to tell everyone you care about how important they are to you. It sounds cheesy, but we all need to tell those we care about "I love you" more often

6. Use this day as an excuse to indulge in all your favorite things: Reese's hearts, sappy romcoms, Ben and Jerry's and heart-shaped pizza

7. Make bets and keep a tally of all the new relationship statuses on Facebook that change from single to "in a relationship" and from "in a relationship" to "engaged"

8. Just stay home in your pajamas and watch the Olympics. You will be warm, and the Olympics are probably better entertainment than half the movies that you would pay for in the theatre 

9. If you have been crushing on someone from afar, make your move! Now’s the time. You could end up with a date this Valentine's Day after all

10. Go visit an animal shelter. Everyone knows that animals are the best at showing love, anyway

So the moral of the story is if you don't have someone's hand to hold on Valentine’s Day, who cares? Try one of the suggestions on this list. Have a little fun and don't let this dreaded day define you as anything less than awesome and independent

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