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Park Hall Hoops recap

Team Slap and Tickle, the 2015 Park Hall Hoops Champions. (Northern Review photo/Will Rostorfer)

This semester, students were invited to participate in one of the most popular student-run events, the Park Hall Hoops 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

For five years, the RA’s of Park Hall have organized the tournament to allow students to compete with one another in harmless competition. A far cry from its predecessor called Park Hall Fight Night, a boxing competition where students could sigh up to compete against one another.

This year, 21 teams made up of three people each signed up to compete with fellow students for an evening of frantic fun. The roster was made up of teams that were all male, all female and co-ed, all with witty names ranging from humorous to tongue-in-cheek. David Peters, one of the organizers of the event said this year’s tournament “has the largest turnout of teams in the event's history.” Along with the main tournament, several games were also set up for anyone to play. 'Ball in the Hole' had players try and shoot a ball into a bucket on the floor. 'Hot shot' consisted of players shooting a ball into the basket as many times as they could within a certain amount of time. The three point contest had players attempt to make as many three point shots as they could in a certain amount of time.

The first round of the tournament had the teams playing on 4 courts, with the intent of scoring 15 points before the opposing team could. The round was filled with the sounds of tennis shoes screaming against the hardwood floor looking for traction, as the players frantically jostled to out-maneuver the opposing team in order to gain a point and advance.

In the second round, 11 teams remained as the action grew heavier. Pro Bros vs. Slam Drunk, Bomb’s Burgers vs. Boston Three Party. The Kittie Ticklers went against Strokin' 3s and Smoking Trees, the White Mambas vs. Team Donald, along with three other teams.

In the third round, 8 teams had moved on to try and claim the top spot and claim sweet glory. This time, Pro Bros went against Boston Three Party, Strokin' 3’s and Smoking Trees faced off against Team Donald and The Little Turtles went head to head against Team Slap and Tickle. With the competition thinning, the teams played more vigorously and even more determined to win. The action was dialed up when the fourth round descended, with 4 team’s frantically fighting fatigue as well as other players with the cemented goal of winning the tournament. The final round proved to be a showcase of quick thinking, agility and fast acting teamwork as The Boston Three Party and Team Slap and Tickle faced each other on the court to try and best each other in order to claim sweet victory.

In the end, Team Slap and Tickle were victorious, earning the title of Park Hall Hoops 2014 champions as well as t-shirts to celebrate the achievement. The winner of the hot shot competition won a basketball as did the winners of the ball in the 3 Point competition, with all other winners receiving DVD’s.



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