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Fall in love: Films for you and your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is this Friday, and for several people, this means that it’s time to spend the day with their significant other to focus on their love for each other. One way to enjoy Valentine’s Day is to watch a few classic and new romantic films. Here’s a quick list of suggestions to consider for this Valentine’s Day. 

When Harry Met Sally 

Yes, starting the list with a classic love story of two people who meet when Sally offers to give Harry a ride to New York after their University of Chicago graduation. They started as enemies with mutual hatred toward one another, but it quickly developed into a special friendship that both of them could not deny. Of course, there was more beneath the surface, like most movies. This classic story is a special movie to watch on Valentine’s Day because it shows that in the end, true love prevails. 

The Notebook 

Yes, it’s always on the list. The film based on the bestselling book by Nicholas Sparks always puts tears in people’s eyes, even the toughest. It tells the classic story of an elderly man reading to an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s disease about two young lovers, Noah and Allie. They are separated by very contrasting worlds. The elderly man keeps reading "the notebook" to his wife, hoping she can remember their love story. This movie will make people cry, but it also is perfect for Valentine’s Day because it tells a true love story. 

Winter’s Tale 

No, this is not a movie version of William Shakespeare’s play, "The Winter’s Tale." This movie, however, holds a unique story that is premiering in theaters on Valentine’s Day. It tells the story of a burglar who falls madly in love with a sick heiress, but she dies in his arms. When he learns that he has the secret gift of reincarnation, he seeks to save her and bring her back in his life. This story is more of a drama, but it sounds like it a unique love story that will make you think and be hopeful for Valentine’s Day. 

Endless Love 

Alex Pettyfer’s new movie is released on Valentine’s Day, and it’s about a love story, so why not go see it with your special someone? This movie tells the story of a privileged girl and charismatic boy who happen to have an instant desire for one another, thus sparking a love affair that only leads to trouble with her parents. The movie appears to be like most chick-flick love stories, but it premieres in theaters on Valentine’s Day, so it is definitely a movie worth seeing this weekend. 

P.S. I Love You 

Everyone falls in love with the gorgeous Gerald Butler in this romantic tale of a husband and wife who passionately love each other, but it comes to an end far too soon when he dies tragically of leukemia. She later finds that he left her ten hidden messages after his death to help ease her pain and suffering. He still loves her and will always love her, even though he is no longer in her life. This beautiful romantic movie may create tears, but it is definitely worth watching for this year’s Valentine’s Day

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