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Up to ONU

Up to ONU (photo/ Brittany Holland)

Up to ONU (photo/ Brittany Holland)


If you went to Mac from 5 to 8 last Thursday night you may have noticed some unusual things. Students were throwing large inflatable dice, walking through a challenging course with a pen and paper, and dancing to some great tunes. The reason for this unusual activity in Mac activities was due to a campaign ran by several PR students here at Northern.

The campaign going on is a 2 week-long event called Up to Us. The school that can receive the most pledges will win 10,000 dollars. Though there are many schools across the nation that would like to have that extra cash there is more to the pledge than the money. Up to Us is a nation wide campaign with the goal of raising awareness of our nations outstanding debt.

“Our generation has an essential role to play in helping to build a strong fiscal and economic future for our nation. By signing this pledge, you commit to raising awareness of the nation's long-term fiscal challenges among your peers and elected representatives.” –

Three ONU PR students running the event on Thursday are Senior Brittany Holland, and Juniors Evan Bader and Kyle Handley. These three students with the help of several others have created what is looking like a successful campaign. The Up to Us pledge has been going on for several years, but this is the first time ONU has participated.

Students enjoyed the Up to Us board game Thursday night. Freshman Blake Smith described the life size board game,

“It was like life size monopoly, I liked the challenging questions and the fact that there was strategy involved.”

Three influential members supporting the Up to Us pledge are, Net impact, the Clinton Global Initiative University, and the Peter G. Peterson foundation. Net Impact is the leading nonprofit that inspires a new generation to work within and beyond business for a sustainable future. Clinton Global Initiative University is rooted in building on the successful model of the Clinton Global Initiative, which brings together world leaders to take action on global challenges. The Peter G. Peterson Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase public awareness of the nature and urgency of key fiscal challenges threatening America’s future and to accelerate action on them.

ONU is currently in fourth place with just a few days left in the campaign. Junior Evan Bader had this to say,

“I'm happy with fourth place, we a have hopes of winning, but I think finishing top three would be a huge accomplishment considering that this is ONU’s first year competing against many schools across the country.”

Some of the notable schools competing are Yale, Richard Stockton, Texas Southern, Loyola, Arizona State, Miami University, and many others across the nation.

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