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2015 Decades Greek Week was success for Greek Life

Sisters of Delta Zeta perform in the Greek Sing competition. (ONU photo/ Communications & Marketing)

Every year at Ohio Northern University, fraternities and sororities across campus come together for some friendly competition. This popular week is known as Greek Week to students, staff and faculty. These intense competitions test Greek students' wit, stomach, creativity and physical capabilities. Greek Week has a been a tradition of Greek Life for almost as long as fraternities and sororities have been on campus and it continues to be a much-loved tradition.

This year, Greek Life students took on a “Decades” theme and each fraternity and sorority chose a time period to highlight and theme their attire around. A few of those themes included the roaring 20s, 40s, and 70s. Each group chose their theme and worked hard for the competition.

Justin Harshbarger, senior management major at Ohio Northern and co-planner of this year’s Greek Week, talked about an overview of the event.

“Greek Week is an event that occurs spring semester. It is a chance for all of the chapters, both men and women to come together and compete in a series of events from tug of war, volleyball, trivia and a mystery event. It’s just a chance for us to not only come together and compete individually, but also as a community,” said Harshbarger.

Over the course of the week, a different event took place each day. On Monday, Greek Life students competed in an intense game of kickball where Zeta Tau Alpha took first place for the sororities and Phi Gamma Delta for the fraternities.

The battle of creativity took place on Tuesday when students put together a live singing and dancing performance relevant to their theme in Kinghorn, known as Greek Sing. At the end of the performances, Zeta Tau Alpha and Phi Gamma Delta took home first place once again. On Wednesday students competed in a volleyball tournament where Kappa Alpha Theta and Delta Sigma Phi took home first place for the men and women, which shifted the anticipation for the week.

Harshbarger talked about how he feels Greek Week has something to offer for every Greek Life student.

For Thursday, there were two events that took place. The first was the mystery event known as Pandora’s Box where the competitors enter the competition not knowing what to expect or how to prepare. The winners were Kappa Alpha Theta and Delta Sigma Phi. From there, students competed in a trivia challenge, and on Friday, students went on to a tug of war challenge—in the mud.

To close up the series of events, all Greek students competed in the Greek Olympics on Saturday, which consisted of multiple Olympic activities to test all of the fraternities' and sororities' strengths and weaknesses. The final Decades Greek Week Champions were Zeta Tau Alpha and Delta Sigma Phi.

Sarah Lewer, a senior management major at Ohio Northern and co-planner, talked about what she hopes to see for the future of Greek Week.

Not only did Greek students compete in healthy competition, but students also helped to donate over 600 canned goods to the Ada Food Pantry. Greek Week is an event that brings Greek Life students together.

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