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McIntosh Center to Receive Renovations

One design for Klondikes which will be connected to White Bear Inn (Image by Collective Inc).

Several major renovations are to be done to the McIntosh Center during the fall 2015 semester at ONU.

The Wishing Well room is being converted into a faculty lounge and the current faculty area located beside White Bear Inn will be turned into a sports bar themed area called Klondike’s.  In the more distant future, new food concepts will be introduced at White Bear Inn to work in tandem with Klondike’s    

The activities room and main lobby with be given fresh aesthetics changes with refinished floors, newly painted walls and new furniture.  It will have a relaxed coffee shop type atmosphere.  More additions will be made to the Bear Cave which had its bowling removed in the spring of 2015.

David Dellifield, Director of the McIntosh Center, explained the multi departmental effort put into the project, “There’s been a lot of us who have worked on this to make sure it is student friendly.”  The offices of Residence Life, Student Affairs, the President, and McIntosh Center staff have all worked to bring the renovations to life since February 2015. 

These renovations were spearheaded by Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Dr. Adriane Thompson-Bradshaw who wrote the proposal for the renovations that went forward. 

Adriane explained that the renovations are about improving the center for the students, “We want students to get creative and play around back there.”   The way students use the spaces and make suggestions will dictate their uses.

Student input was taken from the Residence Life office with fourth year pharmacy student and residence assistant Josh Soppe making initial concepts for the renovations.  The Collaborative Inc. of Toledo, Ohio took student ideas into account in designing the renovations.

The cost of the renovations was around one million dollars.  This cost was fulfilled by funds earmarked for the student center that were raised during a capital campaign several years earlier.  A 400,000 dollar donation by an anonymous donor during the summer of 2015 made the project possible. 

Adriane said of all the donors, “They were interested in having a space students could find as a destination maybe not just a pass through.”    

The renovations have already begun and will be completed in stages throughout the fall semester.  Klondike’s will be completed in October.  During winter break the renovations will be completely finished for students to enjoy at the start of the spring semester in January 2016.  

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