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Kappa Phi hosts their annual Degree of the Pine tradition

Kappa Phi is a Christian Women's organization that promotes sisterhood. (photo/ KappaPhi)

“Lights in the darkness. Oh God, help us be,” is one of the many ideals the sisters of Kappa Phi strive to be on the campus of Ohio Northern University. On Wednesday, Sept. 23, the sisters of Kappa Phi will be holding their annual Degree of the Pine, which is an official tradition where interested members pledge to become sisters of the organization. This event is a long lasting ceremony, and marks the beginning of welcoming new sisters to the sisterhood.

Kappa Phi is a Christian Women’s club that follows the standards of a sorority. The organization falls under Religious Life organizations on campus, and is the sister sorority to the Sigma Theta Epsilon Fraternity. The club meets weekly in the Chapel for a meeting known as sisterhood. During this meeting, they spend time together bonding and decompressing from their week of stress.

Meghan Letizia, assistant pledge and rush chairman of Kappa Phi, talked about what Kappa Phi is and what she has gained from the organization.

“Kappa Phi is a group of girls with a similar set of ideals and can hold you accountable for your faith. I have gained the best family and lifelong friends that would support me through anything,” said Meghan.

The Degree of the Pine is a meaningful tradition for Kappa Phi sisters that marks the beginning of the pledging period. During the pledging process, pledges are given the opportunity to become an active sister, to become emerging leaders and develop bonds with sisters of the organization, and to learn and dedicate themselves to the ideals, history and mission of the Kappa Phi club. Students have gained much during the pledging process to help them grow within the sisterhood.

Danielle Hux, president of the Kappa Phi Club, talked about why she decided to go through Degree of the Pine and what she has earned from the sisterhood in return.

“I joined Kappa Phi to regain the bonds of friendship made when Christ is in the center. KP is so important in my walk with God. It's an encouragement, a support system, a challenge, but above all, a place I can truly be myself and be accepted,” said Danielle.

Kappa Phi has been a part of the campus of Ohio Northern for many years. The organization works through Religious Life and provides a home for young Christian women to grow in their faith. Weekly meetings take place within the Chapel sanctuary to foster the growth of Christ in the sisters’ lives.

Danielle believes that Kappa Phi is important to the campus of Ohio Northern.

“Kappa Phi provides Christian women a place to feel the bond of sisterhood, and provides opportunities to truly serve others,” said Danielle.

All women at Ohio Northern are welcome to attend to the Degree of the Pine tradition to start the journey toward becoming a sister. 

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