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My experience as a Rho Gamma

Ruijie Zhang, Tara Pullins and I enjoyed our last moments as Rho Gammas before handing out bids on Bid Day. (Northern Review photo/ Brittany Newton)

As a person who has seen the movie The House Bunny more than a hundred times, I never thought that I would become a part of Greek Life on the campus of Ohio Northern. Not only did I think I would never join Greek Life, but I never thought I would become a Rho Gamma and de-affiliate from my chapter in order to help incoming students to find their own “home away from home.” 

The experience of becoming a Rho Gamma will always be one of my most significant memories of my college career. I am a member of the sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. Sororities have been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. My grandma graduated from Ohio Northern as a Zeta and my mother was a Zeta at Indiana State University. Needless to say, there was a lot of sorority talk when I went away to college. I did struggle in my freshmen year to join Greek Life, but by sophomore year, I had found my home.

Come the end of junior year, I applied to be de-affiliated from Zeta Tau Alpha in order to help incoming students find the same feeling that I found in my sorority. After meeting the girls in 5 UP, I fell in love with being a Rho Gamma. The girls were all so funny, lively and made me remember what I love about college so much—just being yourself.

Through multiple recruitment rounds, I watched each girl bond and get closer to their “home away from home.” One of my responsibilities as a Rho Gamma was to be unbiased. I really appreciated how many good qualities I discovered from each sorority through listening to the girls talk and spread excitement about Greek Life. Ultimately, it made me appreciate Greek Life as a whole and all the benefits it has for young women entering college.

The relationships the young women developed through the recruitment process was inspirational for me to watch. It didn’t take long for the young women of 5 UP to feel as if they were starting to belong somewhere. On Preference night, which is the final round before bids are handed out, the radiant smiles from the young women left me overjoyed. I was thankful to have any part in people finding where they are most comfortable on campus. A place where they have found true sisters.

As a Rho Gamma, I strived to encourage and be there for the young women on my floor through the recruitment process. On Bid Day, the reactions from the young women on my floor as they received their bid, was my way of knowing my fellow Rho Gammas and I had done a great job and should feel content. We may have only helped a few young women, but they found their “home away from home.”

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