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No more Man Crush Mondays

#mcm is a social media trend that has swept the world in the last few years. (image/

Every week, any Millennial who has a social media account will see one of two things, a Man Crush Monday or a Woman Crush Wednesday.  For anyone who isn’t living in this century on social, on Mondays, females typically post a picture of a guy or their “man crush” to show their admiration for someone and the same goes on Wednesday but men do the same thing for women. 

The whole concept is pointless. The same people post pictures every week and by now, we understand that these couples have been dating for three years; you’re each other’s crushes every day.  Stop posting pictures of the same person and post something your followers and friends would actually benefit from seeing. The posts are not always from or about someone in a relationship. I’ve seen girls post pictures of girls on Monday and Wednesday and the pictures are of celebrities and their friends. I’ve also seen people who use this as a form of attention seeking.  

A person will post a picture of a person they would like to acknowledge them and use Mondays or Wednesdays as their chance to be on the person’s radar. This trend is fairly recent, probably coming within the last two or three years and actually has no point. 

Hopefully, this trend disappears soon so the two friends on our Facebook and Instagram feeds who feel the need to have a new attention seeking posts every week can find a topic that actually benefits us—or at least a topic that is less irritating.

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