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English Reading Series celebrates Jennifer Moore's book release

English professor Jennifer Moore speaks to her audience at the release party for her poetry book, "The Veronica Maneuver." (Northern Review photo/Kasy Long)

When one describes the creative work of Jennifer Moore, Ohio Northern University’s assistant professor of English, he or she could develop a variety of adjectives, but the most popular phrases range from “elegant,” “imaginative,” “well-researched,” and “thoughtful.” Though for the English Department’s Chair Lisa Robeson, she has one word to describe Moore’s poetry – “transformative.”

ONU’s English Department welcomed students, faculty, and the visiting public on Oct. 7 to revel in the poetry of “The Veronica Maneuver,” Moore’s latest book of poetry published by the University of Akron Press. The gallery exhibit room of the university’s Elzay Gallery of Art was filled with readers excited to listen to Moore deliver readings from her book, and answer personal questions.

“I’m so thankful and happy to share this night with you,” Moore said as she began her reading Wednesday evening.

As a junior creative writing major, I find Moore’s work inspirational, as she experiments with multiple forms of poetry, yet she continues to know her writing expertise. She grows as a writer with each poem she writes. With her poetry, she takes one phrase or idea and completely transforms it into an interesting concept for her readers. 

“I hardly use inspiration in my writing. I just begin with a phrase or central idea, and allow that to structure the poem,” she said during the question and answer session following the reading.

The poetry within “The Veronica Maneuver” varies in ideas and themes, including childhood memories, nature, animals, and symmetry, one of Moore’s favorite fascinations.

During the reading, Moore read the poem “Now You See It, Now You Don’t” from her collection. The poem explores the title of the book, “The Veronica Maneuver,” with an intense explanation of the detailed idea of imagery and the trickery battle between a bull fighter and his aggressive bull. 

Jennifer Moore, thank you for your poetry, your guidance, and your passion. I look forward to your next book of poetry.