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Mudder Bingo brings laughs, prizes, and service to campus

Gracie the cow caused quite a stir on campus. (Northern Review photo/Dominic Turnea)

Gracie the cow caused quite a stir on campus. (Northern Review photo/Dominic Turnea)

Surprise, confusion and humor filled the ONU tundra on Friday Oct. 16, when Phi Mu Delta (PMD) held their Mudder Bingo event.  Whether it was a live cow on the tundra, or the significant amount of prize money offered, students were happy to participate in the event, knowing they were having fun while helping the Ada community at the same time. 

The creation of Mudder Bingo all began when PMD member Tyler Davis looked back to his hometown, Liberty Center, Ohio. It was an event they had back home that inspired him to create his own version her in Ada.  Davis said his version “brought back the hometown feeling.” 

So what exactly happened at Mudder Bingo?  Throughout late September and early October, members of PMD sold bingo square sections for 10 dollars apiece.  On the day of the event, a cow named Gracie was fenced in from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on the Tundra.  If she produced cow pies in the section square someone purchased, then that square's owner received 25 percent of all the money raised from the event, a maximum prize of one thousand dollars, in the form of a Visa gift card. 

The rest of the profits were then divided up among Mapl Valle Farms, that had let PMD borrow their cow, Gracie, and Ada county.

Davis also said that, "the purpose is to have a loose atmosphere on campus; it’s Friday--the event is fun and great to laugh at.  It’s a great way to get people together and do some good on campus." 

Throughout the time Gracie was on the tundra, dozens of students approached the cow, took selfies, pet and learned about her.  In fact, she is only 1.5 years old and due to have a baby calf in December. 

Some students were confused as to why there was a cow casually on the campus, especially when Gracie used the restroom.  Bethany Werner, a student at ONU, exclaimed to PMD member Habib Mohamed, “I’ve never seen a cow pee!  It’s so clear!” 

Next year, PMD has confirmed that Mudder Bingo will return bigger than ever, where they will reach out to the community even more.

“We plan to make the event more real, with food, sponsorship and fun activities,”  Davis said. 

As for the winners of Mudder Bingo, Vanja Raduka was happy to receive her prize.

By the end of the day, students had fun participating and benefiting the community of Ada.

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