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SPC Hosts Murder Mystery Event to Set the Halloween Tone

The Ohio Northern SPC hosted the Murder Mystery in the English Chapel. The event was masquerade themed. (Bigelow-Reed Photo/John Reed)

The Ohio Northern SPC hosted the Murder Mystery in the English Chapel. The event was masquerade themed. (Bigelow-Reed Photo/John Reed)

Mystery, clues, and spooky fun-filled drama occurred in the English Chapel on Oct. 28 when the SPC put on the Murder Mystery event. The event started at 8:00 P.M and began with an introduction of the members of the core cast. Professional impromptu actors were hired for the event and called on members of the student audience to participate as actors in the mystery.

The students who participated had an alias as their character and each character has a specific skill and background. An example would be a doctor, a wealthy celebrity, a housewife, etc. Each person was called up to the stage to introduce themselves and their character. The event allowed students to have fun in a Halloween activity for the ensuing weekend.  

The mystery had a unique angle. It promoted an environment for the participants to get into the Halloween spirit. The chapel might not have been packed, but the members in the chapel made the most of their time there and had fun doing so. The mystery gave that spooky vibe to the night and with some rain showers going on outside, the Halloween tone was set. 

Not only was the environment appropriate for the holidays, but it was engaging for the audience members. Each student was to called up and gave an introduction to their character. This helped the audience stay engaged and interested in the entire event. When an audience is engaged, that boosts the entire enthusiasm of the event. Also, the angle of the mystery, as mentioned earlier, really provided a unique aspect for the students. It gave them the chance to use their acting skills and to live vicariously through their mystery character. Also it gave the students a chance to live in the world of mystery and the tales of famous detectives. Student Planning Committee coordinator, Angelica Polizzi loved that aspect of the murder mystery. 


“My favorite tv show is Sherlock, which is why I loved hosting a murder mystery. Gotta love those mind puzzles!” 

Polizzi, a junior Biology, Pre-Optometry major here on campus, was eccstatic about getting the chance to head this event. She planned the entire event and said it’s intent was to bring Halloween spirit to the campus and give students a chance to have fun.

After the questions were answered and the suspense had subsided, the murderer had been identified. The actors took a bow and the mystery was concluded. The students had enjoyed their night and “liked the feeling of having to solve something” one student stated. Overall, the Halloween spirits were alive and well in the chapel and set the tone for a spooky Halloween weekend on campus.


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