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Politics and Prima Donnas: Can Trump do it?

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is hosting Saturday Night Live on NBC. Trump will be the 8th politician to host. (NBC photo/ Jason Lynch)

The media is always affecting our lives. The people we see on television are influential figures, who we look to for entertainment, guidance and information. One of the most popular and political television shows today is NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Hundreds of people have appeared on the show to host and participate in their comedic skits. Before last week, there had only been 7 political figures to host Saturday Night Live. Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, can be added to that list. Trump has been filling the news with headlines over the past year due to his pursuit to become President of the United States. 

Trump has taken on a unique role in the political spectacle. He has embraced his political image, but he is still known widely for his hit television show, The Apprentice. Even though the people of America are treating him as a politician, he is still viewed in our culture as someone who should be on television and provides entertainment. Granted, hosting on a show as popular as Saturday Night Live could boost Trump’s popularity and sway viewers with his time on air.

America has witnessed this same trend happen in two different occurrences. Once is when former actor, Ronald Reagan was elected President of our country with much limelight. The other is the most recent example; President Obama. President Obama was one of the most followed people in the world on social media before he was elected president and that ultimately helped his campaign into the White House. Obama was widely seen as a celebrity figure, but not as strong as the case of Trump. With his massive fortune, Trump can do as he pleases which is somewhat a characteristic of celebrities, or at least the stigma of celebrities.

If this dichotomy of fame and world leader can go hand-in-hand, Trump will truly be one of the most remembered Presidents just by his name and status. He may not intend to be a celebrity, but his image, behavior and lifestyle all reflect that of a celebrity to the public. “Trump being a candidate has almost scared me into voting. It’s that bad”, said SNL cast member Pete Davidson. Davidson is a member of our generation in his 20’s and stated in a Weekly Update skit with Seth Myers that Trump’s presidential campaign is almost scary to think about because if someone like Trump can become President, then we as voters have truly failed our country.

Whether you like or hate Donald Trump, there is no denying that his methods of getting everyone’s attention are certainly useful. His path may be less traveled when comparing it to the Ben Carson’s of the world, but Trump has one thing that none of the other candidates have- fame. 

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