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A&S Quiz Bowl presents trivia challenge

The Arts & Sciences Department hosts their first Trivia Challenge for ONU students. (photo/ Kenneth Colwell)

On Oct. 28, students and faculty competed in a battle of brains in the Arts & Sciences annual Quiz Bowl. This year, eight teams competed for first and second place prizes, answering questions read by Dean Catherine Albrecht. Mary Drzycimski-Finn, assistant to the Dean of Student Success, commented that the questions spanned the curriculum of the Arts and Sciences department, but also included pop culture questions, including one about Dancing with the Stars and another about popular Halloween costumes.

In the final round of the competition, the team “Biolibrarians” went up against "The Elite Four," both scoring 13 points out of 20. The final tiebreaker was a question to identify the difference between a stadium and an arena. "The Elite Four" answered correctly, claiming the victory and the grand prize of a $10 Wal-Mart gift card.

All teams enjoyed fun and refreshments, making the event, sponsored and organized by the College of Arts and Sciences Student Advisory Board, a success.

"Participants clearly enjoyed themselves," said Dryzcimski-Finn.

Quiz Bowl teams consisted of four members. Team members can be from any of the colleges, but the team captain must belong to the College of Arts and Sciences. In an entertaining twist, teams come up with their own names. This year’s team names included "Team Pogonophobia," pogonophobia being the fear of beards, "Bohr Magneton," a constant in atomic physics, and "Real Men of Genius," whose genius unfortunately did not win them the competition.

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