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Praxis replacement offered at ONU

On Sept. 1, 2013, Ohio Northern implemented the new Pearson testing for students in education majors. The Pearson tests are offered for different levels of the education track, just as the Praxis
tests once were. The first test is the acceptance to the Center for Teacher Education. This test allows students, if passed, to get into the program. What was once known as the Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test that Ohio Northern has required in the past is now the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core).

The test that is required for student teaching, previously known as the Praxis II Content Knowledge, is now known as the Ohio Assessments for Educators (Content Assessment for student's
specified area). Finally, the test that is required for actual Ohio Licensure, known formerly as the Praxis II PLT, is now addressed as Ohio Assessments for Educators (Assessment of Professional
Knowledge/Pedagogy Assessment).

All students that have passed the previously used tests with acceptable scores automatically fulfill the requirements needed for their licensures. Why have the tests changed to
Pearson? "The new exams are computer based," states Nina Koontz, Senior Administrative Assistant of the Education Department. "The Praxis tests were all written by hand and in tests booklets."
By making these exams computer based, it does not take nearly as much time as the Praxis exams in the past have taken. The Pearson exams are evaluated faster and more efficiently, which yields
better results for the students. Additionally, there is a Pearson VUE Testing Site on campus. This way, students are able to gain easy access to the testing centers. On every Tuesday and Thursday,
the tests are offered at 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. in Hill, rooms 113 and 114. An exam is also offered one Saturday every month, but varies from month to month as to which

The exams, of course, cost money, but not at a heavy fee. Each of the Content Assessment exams (Ohio Assessments for Educators) costs $85 per time taken, or $135 for all three areas
offered. The new Pearson tests are not just for the Education majors, but will also soon be offered for other areas of study, such as Engineering. There are plans that other licensure exams will be
put in to place by Pearson after January 2014.

"The Pearson tests are more student-friendly," Koontz commented about the new tests. "They benefit the students by allowing them more time to take the exam." Without handwritten tests, the students will focus more of their time on the content rather than trying to get the exams completed in the allotted amount of time. For more information about the new Pearson education tests, contact Dr. Sandra Calvert or Nina Koontz in the Education Department.

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