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Dicke welcomes new professor of management

Ohio Northern University accepts new professors every year, and this year is no different with the addition of Dr. Paul Hartman to the Business College. He received his degrees from Air Force Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Engineering and Management- Ph.D. University of Dayton- M.A., Air Force Institute of Technology- M.S., University of Maryland- B.S. He accepted a new position as Assistant Professor of Operations Research & Supply Chain Management.

However, there is more to a professor than what he teaches. He lives near Beavercreek, Ohio and commutes around an hour to school three days a week. My chance to meet him and get to know him was rushed because he was excited to go home to see his family. However, I did get insight to his life. He lives with his blended family including six children, two daughters and four sons, ranging from ages 10-22 and two dogs, Mario and Anja, that he says he was "guilted" into buying.

Dr. Hartman is very excited to be a part of the Dicke Business College and said he chose to come to ONU because it was a beautiful small campus where the faculty and staff are extremely nice.
He loves to be outside especially golfing or waterskiing and his favorite time of the year is fall. At ONU the faculty are extremely helpful and friendly but it is always nice to take the time to get to know more about them.

On more personal notes, Dr. Hartman’s favorite color is dark blue and he said he absolutely loves rib-eye steak. The Washington Redskins is his favorite NFL football team and the Atlanta Braves is his favorite Major League baseball team, while his favorite basketball team is the Syracuse Orange. Dr. Hartman said when asked if he had any pet peeves, “I want people to follow through with what they say they will do.” He would rather see it happen poorly then nothing at all. If you ever get to see Dr. Hartman around campus, be sure to take the time to say hi! Welcome all new faculty and staff to ONU, just as they welcomed you.

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