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On-campus things to do in the spring

It's officially spring, though Mother Nature has evidently missed the memo.  As the sunny days increase and the weather warms, cramped dorm residents will start crawling out of their winter dens.  

Luckily, there are a number of outdoor activities available on campus to help students stretch their legs.  The following are excellent ways to enjoy a spring day without having to drive anywhere.

1. Traverse the Green Monster

Biking, running, walking, rollerblading and even riding a scooter around the green 5k track are all great forms of exercise that improve cognitive function and boost your mood. 

2. Do Classwork Outside

Many clean and comfortable benches are placed around campus.  Rarely are they filled.  Reading a textbook on a bench is a good way to simultaneously study, get some fresh air and absorb vitamin D.  Plus, it's an ideal vantage point to enjoy the beautiful landscape. 

3. Play Frisbee Golf   

Unbeknownst to some students, there is a Frisbee golf course that spans the green spaces of the campus.  There are course markers on the Tundra as well as areas in the woods and around the Green Monster and sports fields.  

The rules are similar to golf in that the object of the game is to land the Frisbee in the basket using the fewest throws.  

4. Take a Trip Through Ada

Sightseeing on bike or on foot through our fair village is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.  Shopping locally and patronizing downtown businesses also helps to boost the local economy, encouraging Ada to expand. 

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