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TAP creates terrifing fun with Fright Night

Visitors to Ohio Northern University’s Freed Center will have a thrilling adventure on Tuesday, Oct 15 when members of Ohio Northern University’s Theta Alpha Phi (TAP) theatre performing arts honorary sorority present a special "Fright Night" to get the campus and Ada community ready for the Halloween season. This won’t be your normal haunted house, but a spectacular theatrical production with a detailed storyline, elaborate costumes and sets, amazing acting talent and an entire production staff. It is an entirely student-operated project, allowing theatre majors to use their creative talents and skills in a unique manner. And, TAP members promise that you will never see the Freed Center the same way again!

The show starts at 10:30 p.m. with guided Freed Center backstage tours. There may be twists and turns around every corner as TAP puts on a thrilling theatrical show. Not many details are being released before the event, but students are promising that guests will be scared. The evening tops off, at 11:30 p.m., with a presentation of the horror film Insidious on a big screen in the Biggs Theater.
"We are very excited to be providing something that everyone will really enjoy or, hopefully, fear," said Mary Beth Donahoe, a TAP officer. "We added a horror film to the production to make the haunted house even more unique. It will be amazing to watch Insidious on a giant projection screen in a dark, giant room. It will make the movie much scarier, and it will be a great conclusion to the show."
Fellow TAP leader Evan Lachance added, "The goal of this show is to get people so involved in the story that each moment feels real. That’s when the real excitement begins. There will be moments that will totally confuse and, hopefully, terrify visitors. If you believe we can’t scare you, we’re out to prove you wrong." This new event is a fundraiser for TAP, with $3 being charged for admission to the show and movie. There will be food and beverages available for purchase in the Freed Center lobby. "TAP officers were looking for ways to raise money to help cover travel costs to regional auditions and tech interviews, giving our theatre majors opportunities to get valuable summer work experiences," said Donahoe.

"Theta Alpha Phi is a low profile organization on campus. We are in one of the biggest buildings on campus, but a small percentage of students have actually been inside the Freed Center for a theatrical production," added Lachance. "They don’t realize all of the nooks and crannies in the building. This show will provide a great opportunity for people to explore the Freed Center and see what we can do as performers."

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