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The new look of McDonald's

McDonald's new look might encourage some customers to dine-in. (photo/ BuzzFeed News)

Ever since it's founding in 1940, McDonald's has prided itself over their famous burgers, fries and shakes. For years McDonald's has been serving billions of individuals around the world with it's "Golden Arches" becoming the most recognized fast food symbol of today.

However, the now-multinational company wants to make a change to its interior design. The simple, cafeteria-like layout of the restaurant in past years is being replaced with a sleeker, newer design.

The updates are being utilized at a time where McDonald's sales have been steadily decreasing as months go by. Recently, McDonald's also introduced it's "All-Day Breakfast" menu to suffice customer demands, a move in which the company hoped would raise its sales. With the presence of higher-quality choices for fast food locations McDonald's has been struggling to keep up with restaurants such as Panera or Chick-Fil-A, whose menu options have been viewed (and professionally ranked) as both healthier and superior to McDonald's. Is changing the layout another way for McDonald's to attract the larger crowd of customers it's been looking for?

The changes to the interior design have a modern look to them, straying away from the red and yellow color layout with gray tiling underneath outdated tables and seats. This move is costly and risky, however, as there are no promises that this will pay off. Wendy's and Burger King have already made improvements to the design of their newer openings. In fact, Wendy's even has fireplaces at some locations.

I believe McDonald's is going in the right direction to compete with newer rivals, but they are desperate. Their sales slump has been affecting them for two years now. McDonald's is used to being the pinnacle of fast food restaurants, and not being threatened as much as competitors are pressuring them to feel right now.

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