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McIntosh Center Adds Coffee Stand

The Starbucks coffee stand in McIntosh Lounge. (photo/Dana Zechar)

Recently, the main lounge in McIntosh center was renovated. Along with some new furniture and a TV, a coffee stand was added. The stand features drinks from Starbucks and is run by Sodexo employees. It is open from 7:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

The ultimate decider for the coffee stand was the students.

“Students were asking for more options for use of their points, and a place to grab coffee during the day, and so that was definitely a response,” said David Dellifield, Director of McIntosh Center.

Students are taking full advantage of the new stand.

Engineering student, Celeste Kamasa, finds the location very useful.

“I like it because if you are in the front of campus, you have a place to get different types of coffee besides NOM. Now I don’t have to walk all the way to NOM to get Starbucks,” said Kamasa.

One of the intentions of making this stand was to make students go there and hang out.

“We wanted to do some things also to make the main lounge more of a destination. So by adding the coffee shop, adding the TV and the fireplace, adding additional seating...which allows lots of groups the opportunity to get together,” said Dellifield.

Now that there is a more accessible way to get coffee on campus, many heard rumors that Northern on Main (NOM) would shut down.

This is not true.

“There’s always going to be talk on what ways we can improve NOM. To say that there aren’t discussions wouldn’t be true. Maybe because of coffee here, maybe that will morph NOM to something else,” said Dellifield. He added,”And it would really only be done to your benefit. You’re not going to see NOM closing, that’s not going to happen.”

Maybe now that there is additional seating and the promise of coffee, students will be encouraged to hang out in the main lounge. Whether it be drinking coffee, meeting in a group, or watching TV, there are now many different opportunities to use the lounge.

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