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Hover Boards Ban at ONU

Hoverboards have been banned on many campuses and airlines for their risk of fire (Photo/

Hoverboards have been banned on many campuses and airlines for their risk of fire (Photo/

One of the newest and most popular technological trends, hover boards, have been banned at ONU. 

These devices are actually just self-balancing two-wheeled boards.  Riders control them with their feet that sit on gyroscopic pads.  But serious malfunctions have brought unwanted attention to the manufacturers and their products.

Through several news and social media outlets, there have been several instances of the hover boards catching on fire and exploding.  There have been cases in at least 9 states across the country.  Some of these instances have burned down houses or caused injuries to riders. 

Those hospitalized after falling victim to the hover board fires have received injuries such as fractures, cuts and burns. 

The cause of the hover boards catching fire is their lithium-ion batteries.  These batteries are overheating and becoming dangerous to users.  There are instances where the explosions occurred while in use and some where the products were just plugged in. 

The suspected reason for the battery malfunctions involves the suppliers in China.  China’s lack of regulation in the battery factories may be allowing defective batteries to reach consumers. 

With the attention and no solution in sight to the problem, the Office of Student Conduct at ONU amended the student handbook to control the situation. 

Director of Student Conduct, Chad Shephard, is always in the process of reviewing policy to best fit the needs of the campus.  Shephard explained the importance of the issue, “It’s one of those red flag areas right now.” 

The decision to ban hover boards on ONU’s campus comes directly as a safety concern.  The implications of hover boards causing fire pose a significant danger to housing at ONU.  This concern makes it important that students abide by the ban.

The ban on hover boards is included in the Student Handbook section IV under “Various Prohibited Activities”.  It is clearly stated that hover boards are not to be used on campus.

Residence Life and Campus Security will report any violations of the ban to the Office of Student Conduct.  Students violating this ban will receive a level 2 conduct violation.  This is a medium level offense. 

Students given an offense for this violation will have to meet with Student Conduct.  Conduct meetings are meant to fix violations with education to ensure that students understand the policy.  But at the same time, those who are ignorant of policy will be held accountable.      

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