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No need to #PolarBearUp; Spring has arrived

Even though the first official day of spring was March 20, those of us at ONU haven't gotten to experience spring until just recently.  There are many universal signs of spring that are enjoyed by everyone regardless of location; however some signs of spring are uniquely intrinsic to experiencing the season here at ONU.

1. Now that the weather is getting warm you may be fortunate enough to have class outside. Some professors will oblige to the request of students to hold class under a nice shade tree or sitting at a group of picnic tables.

2. On a related note, you may notice class attendance start to dwindle. Among the excuses of sleeping through alarms and not feeling well, some people will now use the nice weather as an excuse not to come to class. Going on a run or playing three-on-three basketball suddenly takes higher priority over sitting in lecture. Honestly, I can't blame them. 

3. ONU in spring also brings the return of the ducks, and soon enough we will be dodging duck poop on the sidewalks. The spring months also brings what some affectionately refer to as "duck rape" season. Just take a glance at the pond every now and then and you will see what I mean.

4. Next, the tundra becomes a place to throw a Frisbee or a football instead of being a lifeless wind tunnel of death.  You will also start to see people with their towels and blankets out studying on the tundra instead of hiding away in the library.

5. Spring at ONU means the return of bike traffic. Everyone starts riding their bikes to class again and all the bike owners on campus should start taking extra care that they don't become victims of bike theft.

6. It's time for the spring musical. Footloose will be opening at the Freed Center next week so get your tickets.

7.  Spring means you will start to see people walk out of Mac with their Styrofoam bowls of ice cream from the dining hall.  It's warm enough that people can enjoy ice-cream as they walk back to their dorm without getting frostbite. 

8. You might not believe this, but spring at ONU means the return of the sun. Yes, I said it. The sun does shine in Ada. However, spring also means the return of rain, lots and lots of rain. Girls will soon be exchanging their Ugg boots for rain boots, and umbrellas will become a common sight. 

9. You might actually see some flowers. We have all grown accustomed to seeing snow, but as spring arrives many of the trees here on campus will start to bloom. My personal favorite is the tree outside of the chapel which will have beautiful pink flowers soon enough.

10. The final sign of spring at ONU is smiling faces. Instead of seeing only eyes between people's hats and scarves, as you walk across campus you are more likely to be greeted with a smile. All those people that you simply used to identify by the color of their winter coats suddenly have a face and might even wave to you as you pass them because they are no longer simply trying to survive on their commute to class.

As the weather continues to get warmer, look for these signs of spring on campus.  I guarantee that you will observe at least seven out of ten of them. Maybe you will even spot some signs of spring at ONU that I missed, so put away your gloves and scarves and get out there and enjoy the beauty of spring here on campus. 

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