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More themed living gets out of hand

For those of you who live under a rock you may not have noticed that there is a new housing option for ONU students named FLARE. FLARE is advertised as a new living learning community focused on exercising and healthy living - with my strict diet of Oreos and exercise goals of stretching for the remote, I was instantly ineligible. However, this new trend that our school is displaying is certainly interesting to me.

I get the idea of living learning communities (for two years I have lived in the Honors house) so I get the appeal. But I am concerned with how concentrated the themes are getting. 

The first themed housing was probably the Greek houses - their focus being learning a dead alphabet and wearing matching T-shirts. Second was probably the Honors house, where the theme is less specific and revolves around more homework than living. 

Then last year we picked up the Global Village, which as far as I understand was an attempt to quarantine all international students into one house. 

These living learning communities work because they are broad and ill-defined. They can be adjusted to welcome whomever wishes to live within their  boundaries. But FLARE strikes me as specific. I understand that someone who lives and breathes Crossfit might not appreciate living amongst my candy stashes and Coke IV, but do we really have THAT many students who want to commit to living in the "healthy dorms"? 

I would feel like I would be under constant pressure to eat raw broccoli and drink protein shakes. Movie nights would become elliptical dates. Yoga would be mandatory.

Maybe what interests me the most is the idea of more of these living communities/themed housing structures. Is Stambaugh going to be renamed UNDERACHIEVE (I mean the shoe fits) - residents would be required to procrastinate thirty hours a week. 

Are we going to have a housing section called BURNTUP where all those dreadful people who burn popcorn can find solace with others who cannot use microwaves? 

It just gets a little too much like Divergent for me. And although I think I would totally rock the divergent look, pending I got a few sick tattoos, I do not know if lots of themed houses are a good thing for such a small campus. 

For a school that already struggles with factions such as Pharmacy vs. the world, among other weird cliques and divisions, shouldn't housing be one place where lines are blurred if and when possible? 

So at the time being I am not sure if I like the idea of all these themed housing options. Establish a living learning community based on Netflix, and I might be open for further discussion. 

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