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SPC hosts spoken word poet Katie Wirsing for a remarkable performance

Katie gathers with SPC members after the event for a group photo. (Northern Review photo/John Corbin)

A common complaint among students: there is never anything to do here in Ada. Maybe it’s time to try something new, or something you never even knew about.

On March 15 the Student Planning Committee hosted Katie Wirsing, a spoken word poet. An event like this is not typical, giving the ONU community a chance to experience something new.

Students gathered in the newly renovated Bear Cave to listen to the exciting performance, many with zero prior experience with spoken word poetry.

The show opened with ONU’s own talented poet, Rachel Cruea. She started off the evening with several pieces, each covering different topics. One notable poem was from the unique perspective of being an entity inside a refrigerator with the light out. After Rachel’s set was finished, she introduced Katie Wirsing.

Katie took to the stage and took command of the room. Her stage presence was uncanny, and she instantly won over the audience by being relatable and entertaining. She preferred applause and cheering as opposed to the traditionally more mellow responses at spoken word poetry readings. Katie engaged the audience by asking questions about small town life and whether or not anyone had voted in that day’s state primary election.

Her show was not simply a collection of poems; it was more like an eccentric conversation with the audience. She discussed the difficulties of high school life, the complexity of love, gender, stories about her parents, accepting who you are as a person, and much more.

The stories ranged from extremely humorous and witty, to deeply personal and passionate, sometimes within the same poem.

Throughout the show she added in pieces of stories, such as the time she thought the zombie apocalypse was really happening.

“We were thrilled with the success of this event and love having the ability to host such diverse events on campus," said-Rachel Doty, an SPC exec member.

After the event had concluded, Katie was more than happy to meet with everyone to take pictures, sign autographs, and (of course) share dance moves. There were plenty of laughs to be had, and even a few tears.

Attending events on campus can introduce you to new interests you may never have experienced otherwise. With groups like SPC putting on events for free, there is no reason not to come out, get involved, and try something new. Every semester there is a plethora of ways for students to branch out and have new experiences.

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