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Pastabilities provides much needed alternative

"With pasta, all things are possible."  I like to think that this was the inspiration behind White Bear's newest meal choice, Pastabilities.  Though its name might be corny, the new pasta bar is a success in my book.  

It has been a few weeks since the Pastabilities line opened, and it seems to be a success if the number of students eating there can be measured as such.  Before the option was introduced, 1:30-4:30 p.m. was something of a dead spot at White Bear.  Now, lines are longer and, from my view, it seems more are being attracted to White Bear during lunch time.

That being said, demand for the usual fare of wraps, chicken tenders and burgers has dropped to nearly none during that three-hour time slot.  Pastabilities has taken their place.  Since the line's introduction, it has become all the rage.  It's easy to see why.  

For those of us concerned with what we eat, pasta with vegetables is a much-needed break in our grease-laden diet of fries and pizza.  True, there is no guarantee that the health benefits aren't outweighed by the carbs in the pasta or the high calorie content of the cheese.  Still, Pastabilities sells the idea of fresh and wholesome food.  It is a refreshing alternative to the pre-packaged subsistence of the average student.  

The taste is also consistently pleasant. A healthy dollop of minced garlic is added to every meal, giving it a pungent and authentic flavor.  Choices vary, but there is really no wrong way to order.  While possible to concoct something disgusting from the mix of ingredients, it would be difficult to achieve unintentionally.  Most combinations would pass for restaurant fare.  

What surprised me most about Pastabilities was that it stood true to what it was set out to be.  While our university tries to adapt to changing demands, there have been a fair share of disappointments.  Pastabilities is not one of them.  It debuted on time, was appropriately staffed and served what it claimed to.  In fact, it exceeded my expectations.  

Before eating there, I thought that the options would be droll, the same ones available for the wraps and salads. 

I was delighted to find the variety of toppings ranged from sundried tomatoes, to artichokes, to chickpeas.  The two sauces (with the third variety just being those mixed together) are a bit limiting, but that's okay.  We wouldn't want to addle anyone's mind with endless options.  

The only complaint I've heard about Pastabilities is that it isn't available for enough hours in the day.  In the case of any new venture, that's the one complaint that's a positive thing to hear. 

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