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A look into the quickly approaching dead week

Dead Week makes college students feel overwhelmed and frustrated. (photo/

As the semester comes to an end, most students are scrambling to get things done. Frustration rises quickly as students study for their upcoming exams. Many are already feeling too stressed out, but dead week comes to kick them when they are down.

Since students are already pretty busy, the last thing they need is a week of pure chaos. Personally, when I was a freshman, I thought dead week lived up to its name. A week so dead that students do nothing in any of their classes, but focus on the upcoming finals. I soon realized this was not the case.

Dead week is the week before schools' final examinations in the US. The week is notorious for causing stress all over campus. It is often a week full of all-nighters, increased irritability, and sleep deprivation. Sometimes the only thing that gets students through the week is caffeine.

According to, “...part of the blame rests with professors who assign too much too late in the term and administrators who don’t carve out enough time for students to prepare for GPA-altering exams.” 

It is hard enough studying for finals, but when teachers suddenly add on assignments that need to be done that week, it's as if professors don’t care if the students pass their course.

The Daily Athenaeum at the University of West Virginia agrees that students should not be overwhelmed by work. They argue, “Students don’t need to be babied and given special treatment; they just need a fair opportunity to succeed. Some students are forced to take up to three or four finals in one day, and need as much study time as they get.  The university should make sure they have plenty of it.  If a student doesn’t succeed in college, it should be on his or her own accord– not because he or she didn’t have enough time to study.”

I could not have spoken these words better. My major does not have many written exams, but I am required to do many final projects. In some cases, these may be even worse than just completing a test. The process definitely tests my patience and induces high levels of stress.

Luckily, Ohio Northern recognizes the stress their students are under. Each year, different organizations hold events to de-stress students, and give them a chance for a study break. For example, Habitat for Humanity held an event called Pancake Procrastination in the Chapel. The gathering featured all you can eat pancakes for only five dollars.

This upcoming Monday, the 4 Paws program will have dogs at Heterick Memorial Library at 5 p.m. This will allow for students to take a few minutes from studying and meet the dogs. I think this is a great idea, as dogs are often very therapeutic. I’m sure it will give some people a moment to take time and regroup if they are frustrated.

Although the University provides programs to de-stress, it is still up to us to find ways to get through the week. My only advice would be to get as much sleep as you can, eat healthy, and use strong time management skills. Only two more weeks until the end of the semester, and then this will all be over. We will get through this!

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