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Looking for some new TV shows to watch this spring semester? There are lots of new options, and below are some suggestions on what may just be your new favorite show.


It's a sitcom revolving around a bewil­dered man, Rob, who enters into a larger than life Mexican family. It is far too remi­niscent of "Fools Rush In" (1997) and not in a good way. There are some highlights. Cheech Marin, who plays Rob's father-in-law, is bound to share quite a few one-liners, along with hysterical expressions. But for the most part, the performances are satirically over-exaggerated, the script is a bunch of borderline racist observations, and the process of integrating Rob into the Hispanic family really shouldn't take more than a season.

Are You There, Chelsea?

I love Chelsea Handler, but I do not think that this show will get anywhere. First off, it is based primarily on Handler's own book "Are You There, Vodka?" Much like movies, you should really just read the book first. Handler and Laura Prepon, who plays Handler in the show, have great onscreen chemistry, but the jokes are lack­luster and much better shows ("Modern Family") share the time slot.

The Firm

Another show that is based off a book, this show is loosely based on John Gr­isham's novel of the same title. "The Firm" is a great mix of crime and law dramas with an interesting cast of little known actors. It is not quite as exciting as the original book or movie, but the pilot ended on a big enough cliffhanger that the season is bound to hold countless episodes that leave viewers at the edge of their seats.


This show has the potential to be Fox's newest hit. The premise is that all the prisoners of Alcatraz vanished about 50 years ago, and now are all coming back to terrorize the San Francisco area. A small task force, including Jorge Garcia (from "Lost"), must now capture each of these terrifying crimi­nals. It's an interesting concept, a great cast, and is produced by J. J. Abrams. The show is dark, reminding me greatly of Criminal Minds, but the mys­terious nature of the disappearances will resonate with "Lost" fans. With any luck, this will be a fantastic show that always keeps us viewers guessing and coming back for more.

Jane by Design

Fans of shows such as Switched at Birth will enjoy ABC Family’s newest show. The plot centers on Jane Quimby, an unpopu­lar high school student living with her unemployed older brother. Jane applies for a paid internship at a fashion house so that she can help with expenses, but is mistaken for another woman named Jane and is instead given an executive position. Thus, Jane begins a double life as both high school student and busy assistant. Throw in Jane’s best friend who could pos­sibly have deeper feelings for her, the high school jock who’s finally noticed Jane, and a clan of interesting characters at the fashion house and you have another ABC Family hit.

Shipping Wars

Viewers who enjoy A&E's Storage Wars will enjoy this new bargaining battle. This time, the show focuses on truckers com­peting to ship large, unique items across the country for the cheapest price. The basic plot outline of this reality show may seem a little boring, and the potential for speeding tickets and loss of money and the interesting items in need of ship give the show a more intriguing aspect.

American Stuffers

Though Animal Planet's newest show gains points for originality, it dropped stars for a simple reason: taxidermy is creepy! American Stuffers focuses on David Ross, founder and owner of Xtreme Taxidermy in Romance, Arkansas. As if stuffing deceased creatures was not enough, Ross’ shop adds another dimension: His shop focuses on the preservation of dead pets. Those who can stomach the idea of dead pets being made to remain forever can catch the show Thursdays at 10 p.m.


First of all, Smash does not actually air on NBC until February 6. That being said, the commercials and cast for this show allow it to receive a high rating pre-pilot. Stars of the show include Katharine McPhee (American Idol), Jack Davenport (Pirates of the Caribbean), Debra Mess­ing (Will and Grace), and Anjelica Huston (The Addams Family). The show itself is about a fictitious Broadway musical about the life of Marilyn Monroe. The start of the show will focus on casting the production with reallife interrupting along the way. Smash has a lot of potential and will hope­fully give NBC a hit.

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