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Women Lie, Men Lie, Do You?

I’m out on a mission to disprove a wrong but generally accepted idea in our society. Just go down the street and ask a random person if he or she thinks men or women lie more.

More likely than not, men probably are accused of lying more often than women. There’s this false idea that men are notorious liars in society while women are completely innocent. Is it true? Eh, I just don’t think so.

According to Glamour in May of 2010, women aren’t really off the hook. According to the magazine, women are usually more skillful liars than men. Because of this, women don’t get caught lying as much, thus reinforcing the idea that men and not women have the serious lying problems.

Let me break things down for you guys a bit. According to a study done by World Net Daily News in January of 2008, the average person will tell about four lies per day, which adds up to about 1500 lies per year. This includes white lies, half lies, courtesy lies, blatant lies and any other type of lie you can think of. So straight off the bat, we’re just a LYING society.

Men and women will usually tell lies for different reasons though. A man will normally tell lies to save face and protect his image. In other words, he’ll tell “ego protecting lies.” Think about the guy who boasts about how many chicks he’s slept with or that one guy at the party who says he can pack down a whole case. Give credit to him if he’s telling the truth, but if he’s lying, it’s obviously to boost his ego.

Women, on the other hand, lie to hide their feelings and protect themselves and others from getting hurt. For example, you’ve all had the experience of asking a girl who OBVIOUSLY is upset about something what the problem is. She’ll tell you nothing is going on. That’s obviously a lie (men do this as well though).

A woman coming out of a rocky relationship may also convince herself that she never loved her partner in order get over the stress that she’s going through. If she sincerely loved the man, she’s lying to herself, but she’s doing so in order to recover from what has happened.

Moral of the story: We all lie at times, not just the guys.

A VERY influential idea I had to address though. Email me your thoughts.

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