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Students elect Ambos for Senate president

The following is a letter from the newly-elected Student Senate President and Vice President Eric Ambos and Katie Hozan. Ambos, a sophomore business management major, has served as the Park Hall housing representative and secretary of finance, where he headed the Budget Appropriations process in Student Senate. Hozan, a junior public relations and communication studies major, became involved with Student Senate last year as the secretary of newsletter.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to vote last week. The amount of students who participated showed that ONU students care about what happens to their campus and want to be involved. As we start the year with a new administration, we want to encourage everyone to contact Student Senate with any questions or concerns you may have. It’s YOUR Senate and we are here for YOU.

The students of Ohio Northern have countless creative ideas and plans that can impact our entire campus. However, these ideas can only become reality if their voices are heard. Therefore, our primary mission is to seek out and listen to the voices of all students in order to communicate the opinions and ideas of the student body to the University administration. One way we plan to make this possible is by having student senators and cabinet members attend the meetings and events of campus organizations and ask them what Student Senate can do to better serve them.

Another goal of ours is to increase campus unity and involvement. To do this, we want to highlight organizations by creating a "Student Organization of the Month", which we would highlight at both the Student Senate meetings and on our Web site ( We also want to begin a comprehensive list of student organizations' meeting times and special events, which we would also host on the Student Senate Web site to inform students on how and where they can become involved in our campus organizations.

Student Senate consists of almost 50 members that come from a variety of different colleges and housing areas. We feel this presents us with a great opportunity to create a community service event that would involve the entire campus. Our goal is to have a campus-wide Food Drive/Jar Wars that would benefit the Ada/Hardin County community and be a great way to give back to those in need.

Another one of our goals is to further extend the amount of recycling done on campus by obtaining more recycling bins to place in students' rooms across campus to further promote this activity. We also hope to extend this project to academic buildings as well to make recycling more convenient.

Additionally, we plan on spreading the word that Student Senate is willing to help organizations make an event exceed its expectations by promoting or potentially co-sponsoring the event with other campus organizations to increase the turnout and overall success of the event.