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Is Photoshop to models as steroids are to lifters?

A model before and after having her image altered by Photoshop. (photo/

In a world where natural supplementation isn’t working fast enough, there are steroids. Yes, they work and they work REALLY well. The only problem is that they’re illegal for use among those playing organized sports and also frowned upon socially.

Continued use of steroids also leads to unwanted side effects later in life and even death in the most extreme cases. Athletes are under constant scrutiny concerning the drugs they use when they train. In some cases, the suspicion of steroid use can be extremely damaging to an athlete’s reputation and even his career. Ask Barry Bonds about that and he’ll definitely agree.

If athletes are working super hard to train naturally, how come models get the free pass? Photoshop is basically steroids for models. Effects like blemish removal, stretching, and retouching can enhance the appearance of a model to a shocking degree.

If you don’t believe me, get on YouTube and check out some of the Photoshop makeovers on there. Someone’s appearance can be altered to the point that he or she looks like a completely different person. It’s scary.

What is unfair is that some the effects and enhancements achieved through the use of Photoshop are not possible naturally. Who really has completely flawless skin or a body that’s geometrically perfect in proportion?

The problem really isn’t with the use of Photoshop. There is no direct health hazard or negative side effect related to its use. The real problem is that sometimes it’s hard to distinguish where the realism falls away and the photo enhancement takes over.

People viewing pictures of these models sometimes can’t tell that what they are looking at has been enhanced. They, in turn, go on crazy diets, buy into the hype of weight loss pills and supplements and starve themselves in the hopes of achieving similar results for themselves. The cold reality is that it is impossible to achieve that body because it just isn’t real.

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