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Got Style? Columnist answers questions about fashion.

This week, I’ve gathered your fashion questions to respond to. Remember, fashion is subjective so if you don’t agree with me, that’s okay!

Is it true you shouldn’t wear black and browns together? –Morgan


Black and brown pieces are called neutrals, and the rule is that you can mix any neutrals together. Personally, I don’t wear a lot of black and brown because I don't really like how it looks, but I think sometimes it does look very good together. I think tans and browns can be very chic. I also never thought about pairing chocolate brown and black together, but when Anne Hathaway's character wore a black shirt with a brown leather jacket and boots in "The Devil Wears Prada," I changed my mind! I think it depends on the overall look, so don’t be afraid to experiment with blacks and browns in your wardrobe!

Can you mix different pieces that have different patterns? –Rita


You sure can! I love mixing patterns together—it’s very trendy. When mixing patterns, it’s important to remember two rules: Watch the colors of each pattern and be aware of the size of the pattern. Make sure the colors of each pattern complement each other. Don’t pair two large patterns together—it’s too loud. Mix a small pattern with a large pattern for the best look. If you like mixing these, try a new style called color blocking. This is when you wear solids of two different colors together. Pairing an orange shirt with a red pant, or pairing a blue top with an orange skirt are examples of this. When pairing colors, stick to neighbors on the color wheel or opposites, but never pair red and green together!

What should I wear to an interview to show off my personality, and what do I wear to the second interview? –Kari


You can add personality to your outfit through accessories, colors and patterns. You’ll most likely wear a suit, but if you add a trendy necklace or shoes you’ll show your personal style. Pairing the suit with a bright collared shirt or one with a fun pattern also adds a lot of personality. If you’re interviewing for a company that’s a little trendier and laid back, you can pair fun skirts or dresses with blazers. Just make sure the length is professional. For the second interview, I wouldn’t recommend wearing the same suit again, since you most likely only have one. Invest in a professional blazer that you can pair with various dress pants or skirts, and wear an outfit out of these pieces. Having multiple separates is really handy when going to multiple interviews since you can mix and match. Don’t forget to add your personality again with accessories!

Are leggings ever fashionably acceptable anymore? –Amy


This style has been around for a few years now and everyone wonders if they are still in or if they are out. I own several pairs of leggings and I still think they can be considered fashionable, but never, never,never wear them as pants. Leggings are meant for layering! Leggings are on the way out, especially with the surge of fashionable tights the past few seasons. I would recommend wearing tights instead, but that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and get rid of those leggings. They are a very nice piece to have and if you wear them don’t worry, you won’t be considered out of style. Just know that since leggings are on the way out, the outfit you pair them with will not necessarily be very trendy.

Thank you for all your style questions! If you have any more, keep sending them my way at!

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