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Got Style? Columnist offers men's fashion advice

All right, guys, it’s your turn. For the past three weeks I’ve discussed fashion for women, but style can, and should be, embraced by all. Here are five tips to help jumpstart your style!

1. Fit, fit, fit!

Buy clothes that fit you right and wear them properly! Recognize where your waist is and realize that clothes should not be floating inches away from your body.

I know you don’t like to try a lot of clothes on, but when you find that right fit, I promise you’ll look (and feel) like a million bucks.

2. Dress nice.

Buy a suit, some collared shirts, sweat­ers, etc. Don’t be afraid to wear nicer shirts or sweaters on a regular basis. Sweatpants, hoodies and t-shirts get old after a while. Plus, this will make your transition to professional style much easier.

3. Match!

Avoid looking like you got dressed in the dark. Wear browns with browns and blacks with blacks and grays. Match your socks to your shoes, and your shoes to your belt if you’re wearing one. It’s important to match your entire outfit because you’ll look pulled together.

4. Don’t forget accessories.

These are not just for girls! Belts, shoes and watches are all great pieces to own and finish off your look. Also invest in a coat that you can wear with fancier clothes—it’s a great piece to have.

5. Open your mind!

Fashion and style are great tools to help you express who you are. Embrace it! I know you all secretly love to dress up because, hey, you do look good when you do!

Open your mind to new possibilities, colors, styles and stores and your ward­robe will thank you!

Now I can’t wait to see all these stylish men around campus! And don’t forget to send me those fashion questions at

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