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Mitt Romney is out of touch with America

Mitt Romney in a recent statement said that the “very poor” don’t concern him. To me, this shows that Romney needs to get a reality check if he thinks he’s going to convince anyone but the rich to vote for him. The only problem with this strategy is that the recession has left us with more poor than rich. Actually, the “very poor” he spoke of are in fact at their highest rate in 35 years.

The very poor, according to the 2010 census, equates to more than 20 million people. This equates to 6.7 percent of the population. According to Romney, he’s “not concerned about the very poor” because they have many programs to help them. I’m sorry, but when a family of four earns $11,057 or less, they need more than a passing glance to their plight. This is especially true since the safety net he cited is not doing that well. However, when you make six figures in speech fees and say that isn’t very much income, you are obviously delusional.

Let us look at this safety net of Romney’s that is supposedly protecting these 20 million Americans. Food banks that help provide the very poor with food are being restricted to rationing. Further, the hours open to actually provide the food are shorter due to budget cuts and inability to meet demand. Catholic Charities USA is seeing exponential increases in basic needs like money, food and housing. The sad thing with this is the fact that 88 percent of charities have had to turn people away or put them on waiting lists. Food stamps are at record highs with more than 46 million Americans needing and using them. However, Romney doesn’t pay for rent or gas to go to work for minimum wage, so he thinks people are being spoiled when in reality, they don’t have anywhere near what they need.

To compound this issue is the fact that the aforementioned safety net is helping but really doesn’t focus on them. It focuses on the working poor instead of those without jobs. The 8.5 percent unemployment and unnecessary increases in job qualifications leaves many without opportunities to get jobs. This leaves them at a horrible disadvantage. Romney does not experience any such disadvantage.

Romney is firmly in the top .01 percent with a value of $193 to $250 million dollars. This is high, even for the .01 percent, as that income group starts at $11 million. Plus, if he gets elected, he will be in the top three richest presidents in U.S. history. He would be richest in actual value and second to third richest with inflation, right behind George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. So if you want someone to understand the everyman plight of life, Romney is not your candidate.

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