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America needs to return to fiscal responsibility


I am not a financial guru and never in my life will I claim to be. However, I would like to think that I have a little bit of common sense that is somehow evading the politicians of our country.

Minute by minute our national debt rises at an alarming rate. The so-called budget the national government comes up with every year might as well line hamster cages across America. We are in a spending crisis, and as a girl who likes her daddy’s credit card a lot, that’s a big statement.

Let’s take this down to kindergarten math logic. Let’s say that “A” equals the revenue the government brings in each year and “B” equals the amount the government spends annually. In order to stop plummeting into the gigantic canyon of debt our country is currently in, “B” should not exceed “A”.

For whatever reason, our leaders in Washington can’t understand this simple concept. It blows my mind.

Since the logic of how we don’t slip into debt is so simple (keep “A” greater than or equal to “B”), the solutions for getting out of debt should be equally as simple.

Option one: Increase “A.” This can happen through improving the way the American people are taxed.

I can hear the whispers now, “Oh my goodness, she said the ‘T’ word!”

Taxes aren’t a bad thing, ladies and gentlemen. Rewind your brains to your American history class in high school. Remember the phrase, “No taxation without representation?” The colonists were not complaining about paying their taxes. They were upset that the king imposed unfair taxes without colonist representation in England.

We are all represented in this country; it is one of the beautiful things about America. We are all constituents and we all have someone representing us. If the person representing you in Washington is being an idiot, it is your responsibility to call them out on it. Write them a letter, tweet them, email them, form a million-man march on the Mall.

The possibilities, while not exactly endless, are abundant.

Option two: Decrease spending. This seems like the most viable option, but could be trickier than revamping the tax code.

Think about everything the government spends money on through the year. Things like defense spending and government employees’ salaries come to mind, but there is so much more. Gas for the trucks that carry our mail, toilet paper for rest stops along the highways, people to work in American embassies across the globe.

There are so many little red tape things that happen when talking about balancing the American budget. It may seem a daunting task, but it is possible.

Until we as a country can get our spending under control, we aren’t going to find the prosperity we desire. This is sure to be a topic that will continue to plague the campaign trail all the way to the November elections and beyond.

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