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Got Style? Fresh spring trends for accessorizing hair and nails

One question that we always seem to ask ourselves or others when getting dressed is, “What accessories should I wear with this?” Of course having a killer pair of shoes or a great necklace will help take any out t to the next level, but there are two great accessories already on our bodies that we need to remember to take advantage of: our hair and nails.

Hair really is the icing on the cake to any outfit. Without a fashionable hairdo, your style will stumble. Be sure the main look you pick emphasizes your personal style, and your daily hair styling complements each outfit you wear. Avoid a style rut by mixing up your daily looks. We all love our ponytails and messy buns, but don’t be afraid to try new styles daily!

Hairstyle is also something to keep current. Hair can instantly date you, because styles are always changing.

Go for a classic look if you don’t have time or patience to constantly change your style to follow trends. Make sure to keep up if you color or highlight. And, most importantly, experiment with different styles to help refresh your look. Square-shaped bobs, beach waves, hair twists, bold bangs, and retro waves and blowouts will all be in this year. Also, be aware that braids are on the way out this season!

I don’t know about you, but painting my nails is one of my favorite things. I love the amazing colors they have, not to mention the cute names that go along with each color. With styling nails, it’s important that you mimic your overall personal style.

Are you edgy and trendy, preferring to just try new and different colors that don’t necessarily match your out t? Are you more classic and need to have a complete pedicure—including matching toes and fingernails—with neutral colors that match your clothes? Think about what you like and what you don’t like, and paint your nails your way.

Even if you have a specific taste for your manicure, try out the current trends! Designed nails are trending.

My personal favorite fashion blog, Re, always has tutorials on DIY nail designs. A lot of styles are seasonal as well—like snowflakes for winter. If you like new styles and have a steady hand, be sure to try these.

Certain colors of polish are always up and coming and are fun just to try. Even if you don’t like a style or color, it’s fun to experiment. In colors this spring are pistachio, tangerine, glitter mixes, neons, nude pinks, blues, fuchsia and of course, the classic spring pastels.

Fashion and style are evolutionary, so make sure you experiment with your hair and nails. It’s fun to try, even if a style isn’t necessarily you. Just have fun with it—and be sure to send those fashion questions my way at Happy styling! 

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