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Reasons why I'm a Republican


A couple months ago someone looked at me and without hesitation asked how I could be a Republican. I asked her what she meant only to be bombarded with
a tirade about how awful the GOP is, and how we are all just a bunch of old money, cigar-smoking, brandy-drinking hypocrites.

I picked up my jaw from the ground and then asked her if I could put some thought into my answer. Otherwise, I would just spout out inflammatory remarks about the Democrats and how President Obama has done far more damage than Bush.

So, here are a few reasons why I believe in the Republican Party and why I will always have an “R” next to my name.

I believe that you earn what you work for, whether that’s monetarily or in the form of respect and admiration. I come from a family where, as soon as you turn 16, you get a job.

My first job was as a hostess at a local sports bar. I hated it. But, in my time there, I learned the value of not only a paycheck, but also to respect and learn to work with people who are different from you. There are lessons I learned in that job that I know have helped me understand people in the university setting. Further, I learned to be more gracious to those working in the food industry.

Looking at the Left, I see a lot of pushing for state-sponsored funding. Yes, it may sound cruel, but I think there should be a significant decrease in the amount of funds allocated to welfare projects.

I understand that not all people abuse the system, but stereotypes have to come from somewhere. There are definite changes that need to be made in the way individuals receive funds and the amount of time they can receive them.

I am also a firm supporter of the Second Amendment. I grew up in a very gun-savvy home and have been handling rearms since I was a child. Call me a gun-toting conservative, but, post-graduation, there’s more than a slight chance that I’ll be testing for my concealed carry permit.

The Left can only see the bad in rearms. They see the gun-toting gang- banger from the inner city. They blame guns for the high mortality rate of his buddies. Cliché as it is, guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

I’m not encouraging people to take up arms and revolt against the government. However, I think every American (without a felony record) should have the chance to be educated on proper gun use for both self-defense and recreation.

Every day should be treated like the fourth of July. I’m not saying we should send our country farther into debt by launching reworks and stuffing ourselves with hot dogs. We should always maintain the mentality that we are number one.

American Exceptionalism isn’t a bad thing. I have met those on the Left who would disagree. We don’t need to be modeling anything in our country after what is going on in Europe.

Our country is, dare I say it, the bomb dot com. Although we need Washington to get its act together, I wouldn’t trade that chaos for anything the European Union offers.

To some, these reasons may seem too weak to tie myself to a party from here to kingdom come, but it’s so much more than just the face value of the party. It’s about
a sense of pride and progress. Much like how many are inexplicably attached to a sports team, I feel attached to the GOP and the future it has to offer America.

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