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Is Hardcore Maximum Nitro Fusion XXX Extreme miracle powder or snake oil?

Joe has it all figured out. He’s super focused and knows that college is ALL about getting that degree and ultimately going on to be successful in life. However, after living on campus for a while, he begins to realize that there are other VERY important issues to address. One of these is to get his body in PRISTINE shape for those beach days in the summer.

Joe has landed himself in an emergency, though. He’s been sitting around, acting lazy all school year, and it’s almost March now. He has to develop that super beach body and only has three months to make it happen.

He decides to forget doing things the natural way since that takes way too long. Joe knows that many of his bodybuilding friends buy their essentials from GNC.

Therefore, he decides to take a trip to GNC. At this point, he needs something big; he needs a miracle. He needs a supplement that’s going to change his life. He only has to walk through a couple of aisles until he finds the answer, the ultimate solution, the Holy Grail: Hardcore Maximum Nitro Fusion XXX Extreme.

Joe knows he’s found the answer! This stuff looks so legit that he figures he doesn’t even have to work out if he takes it. Where is Joe when summer finally arrives? Depressed and out of shape.

I believe that much of the supplement market is built upon lies and deception. Companies release products in colorful containers with big and elaborate names in the hopes of grabbing customers who don’t know any better.

The reality is that these “miracle, hardcore blends” really don’t do anything that a well-balanced and natural diet can’t. In fact, continual use can end up taking a serious toll on your body in the long run.

Since I’m a skinny guy myself, I anticipated that some of you would question my claims. Therefore, I went out to the weight rooms and asked the “veterans” about what they thought about the legitimacy of these supplements. They all AGREED with me.

ONU Golf player Ryan Wirtz offered some wisdom on the matter. “I believe it’s all a BLATANT marketing scheme. ‘Mass pro blends’ aren’t even regulated
by the FDA. There’s nothing but caffeine and sugar in these drinks. No better than drinking coffee before going to the gym. In fact, let me try drinking some black coffee before my next workout. You’re a clown if you fall for it.”

So there you have it. The supplement market isn’t going to give you much more than what a natural, well-balanced diet can already give you. Don’t take my word for it though. You can be like Joe and try out some Hardcore Maximum Nitro Fusion XXX Extreme. See if it works for you.

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